Get Ready to Turn a Boring Promotion into a Winning Marketing Idea

It’s a pretty amazing day when your marketing promotions delight your customers and your company’s management team. A successful marketing idea doesn't always have to be unique, but it does need to be well-executed. Too often, businesses offer run-of-the-mill promos. Why not change that trend by presenting your promotion’s benefits in a light that will make sure your customers are aware of what's going? In other words, recast your ho-hum promotion as a completely new marketing idea.

Spread the Word

Your customers can’t get excited about your company's promotion if they don't know that one is taking place. Advertising online is always an excellent idea, but don't neglect other forms of communication. There are numerous ways to let shoppers know your business is having a promotion, and they all allow you to convey your promotion in a positive manner. Popular advertising methods include:

  • Print custom flyers with vivid graphics and coupon codes
  • Create custom brochures about upcoming events
  • Use signs that briefly explain why customers should stop in or shop online
  • Try banners advertising special occasions at your place of business
  • Mail postcards letting customers know what's coming up
  • Send invitations informing shoppers that something special is happening soon

You can create all of these items yourself, but using professional marketing products makes it easier for you to create and execute the best promotions for your company. You might be pleasantly surprised by how affordable it is to order fully customizable supplies for your next marketing campaign, from postcards that cost less than 50 cents each to colorful custom signs for around $10. Delegating the copying and printing aspects of your next promotion also saves you a ton of time, freeing you up to focus on other work-related tasks.

Be Enthusiastic

Get ready to care like never before. Your promotion should explain why your customers should care, too. Your English teacher may have insisted that exclamation points have no place in the professional world, but a bit of enthusiasm is perfectly acceptable when you're sharing news about coupon codes or free shipping. Bold font helps grab attention and lets customers know you're saying something important.

When sharing your company's promotion on Twitter or Facebook, make sure to get shoppers pumped up by saying something like: “Are you ready for the best promotion ever? We're offering free shipping until midnight tomorrow!” or “Who's ready to fill up their cart with awesome items?” You don't want to sound too cheesy when you talk about upcoming promotions, but you don't want to sound like you're bored out of your mind to be offering free shipping.

State the Terms Clearly

Being vague about the details of current events or upcoming promotions is a surefire way to irritate your favorite customers. Shoppers want to know exactly what they're getting for free or at a discounted price, and they want to know exactly what they have to do to get their goodies. Never make customers scroll through a long list of tiny print with a bunch of exclusions and exceptions. Get right to the point when you tell people about your best promotions, and make sure you don't go overboard with the rules and regulations. However, it doesn't hurt to consult with a lawyer to be sure you’re meeting the legal requirements.

The best promotions aren't always the ones that are wildly original. You can still excite shoppers by maintaining a positive attitude toward your company's promotion and telling customers what to expect from the event. Get ready to gain an edge by getting pumped about taking your promotion to the next level -- one that just scored you an amazing marketing idea!

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