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Healthy Vending Machines Create Happy Employees

Vending machines are a fixture in many workplaces, providing convenient access to snacks and beverages that stave off hunger and thirst throughout the day. However, many of the snacks offered can be unhealthy due to high salt and fat contents. Fresh vending machines offer a healthy alternative, offering low-calorie snacks that are low in salt and fat, along with low-calorie beverages and water choices that fit well with a healthier lifestyle.

A Healthy Worker is a Happy Worker

Healthy workers often make for happy employees who are more productive over the long term. Their greater productivity makes them more valuable to their organization than employees with lower energy levels.

There are several methods available to an employer to foster improved employee health. The company could offer free health screenings, complementary therapies, health education, or professional health advice. The results can be a reduction in sick leave, lowered medical insurance costs, lower turnover, and increased productivity. However, all of these options come at a price that many smaller businesses may not be able to afford.

Providing healthy snacks through healthy vending machines can be done at little or no cost to the company itself.

Fresh Vending Machines

Fresh vending machines are no different in terms of setup and operation from their traditional counterparts. Most vending companies offer fresh vending machine options regularly, providing healthier snacks as an alternative to the usual chips and candy bars.

Switching to a fresh vending machine is an easy process. An employer only has to contact the existing vending machine contractor and ask for healthier alternatives. When the vendor next visits the office, the unhealthy snacks can be switched out for healthier alternatives such as fruit bars, rice cakes and nuts. Vendors often offer healthier beverages in their fresh vending machines as well, swapping out sodas for healthier juices and bottled waters.

However, not all vendors have a fresh vending machine option. For those employers who cannot get the healthy snacks from their current vendor, specialty vendors are available. Employers should keep in mind that not all employees may wish to avoid high-calorie snacks. There's no need to change over entirely to healthy vending machines in the workplace. Most vendors will offer a variety of snacks with healthy options included to handle the wide range of employee tastes.

Encouraging Healthy Eating

Healthy workers are a boon for any business. Not only are they more productive, but they're also less costly to insure. Installing fresh vending machine options in the workplace is an inexpensive way to encourage healthier eating. This healthier eating also might extend outside the workplace, resulting in happy employees who continue to be more productive and capable.

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