How the New Microsoft Office 2013 Can Transform Your Business

Staying current with the latest software innovations is an important part of keeping your business relevant. Microsoft Office 2013 offers many of the best features of the traditional Office suite with a cloud-based storage system and enhanced functionality designed for touch devices.

Understanding Microsoft Office 2013 Features

With Microsoft Office 2013, you can take notes on your tablet and convert them to text easily from within the program. You can also navigate with easy and familiar touchscreen motions using Word and PowerPoint, and other programs. PowerPoint includes an easy-to-see timer that helps you keep presentations focused and to the point, and the revamped program also features compatibility with a digital stylus, so you can write directly on slides.

Use OneNote to organize your pictures, lists, web content and the notes you take with a stylus. You can also take photographs from your tablet’s camera and easily import them into OneNote. Microsoft Lync lets you manage your digital communications and use video, audio, messaging, and conferencing to stay in touch with colleagues and clients. Use a canvas accessible to all participants in a digital meeting to share PowerPoint presentations, documents, and other data so that you make the most out of each conference.

Microsoft Office 2013 relies on cloud data storage, so you can access your documents from any computer. When you sign in to Office, your personalized data profile will be available no matter where you are.

With Perceptive Pixel technology, you can use large interactive display screens to communicate your message to clients or lead an engaging meeting. Use a digital stylus or your hands to interact with the screen, move pictures, and make your data more engaging.

Innovations of Office 2013 Compared to Older Versions

The most prominent differences when comparing Office 2013 to other versions is the new focus on service versus product. In the tradition of other software-as-a-service business models, Microsoft Office 2013 will be available via three types of subscriptions. The latest version’s touch capabilities and compatibility with tablet devices also sets it apart from earlier versions.

Cost of Office 2013

You can choose one of three Office versions; each has a different price structure and is designed for a different type of user. Office 365 Home Premium is designed for home use and comes with an extra 20GB of SkyDrive and an included 60 minutes per month of Skype. For small business owners, Office 365 Small Business Premium has tools for managing websites as well as web conferencing. Finally, Office 365 ProPlus is designed for corporate users and provides a wide range of business capabilities as well as enhanced cloud features. Corporate software versions tend to be more expensive than small business solutions, so you’ll have to weigh your company’s needs against an increased price – especially if multiple licenses are required for your employees.

Microsoft Office 2013 offers the same full range of functions as its predecessors with an enhanced cloud and touchscreen capability. Adding it to your business software tools will help you keep pace with the competition.

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