Make It Easy: Creating a Terms of Use Template

Many websites rely on a terms of use template to cover agreements with visitors and purchasing customers. Creating one can help your small business prepare for launching or redesigning its website. You can apply a template to almost any website; although you must make sure that the provisions apply equally and are bound in solid legal constructions.

The Benefits of Terms of Use Templates

A terms of use template can help ensure that your website’s covered in the event of a lawsuit. A solid terms of use agreement should have long-reaching legal protections that come into play if your company faces allegations, like failing to provide goods or services. These protections may save your company from loss of income, forfeiture of assets or goods, and in extreme cases, dissolution or bankruptcy.

The Latest Developments in Website Law

Clear and concise terms of use can go a long way toward creating protection for your business. The terms of use agreement should take into account the many changes that constantly affect laws based on Internet operations. The latest developments in these laws involve the use of browse-wrap and click-through agreements. Browse-wrap terms of use assume that anyone visiting the site has access to the terms and agrees to them. However, this type of implicit agreement is falling out of favor with the courts. Click-through agreements require users to take some sort of action that confirms they have both read and agreed to the terms of the site.

The Cost and Potential Pitfalls of Terms of Use

Terms of use can be inexpensive to create, but the cost of faulty or illegal terms can be exceptionally high. Common pitfalls include terms that force the user to agree to conditions beyond the scope of the site, or terms that require the user to submit personal information without consent. Many terms have provisions that mention that any clause rendered invalid does not render the entire agreement invalid. Without such provisions, it may be possible for the slightest legal inaccuracy to render the full set of terms of use null and void. This would eliminate any benefits gained from creating the terms of use in the first place. This is especially important when you use a template to copy your terms across multiple sites that may have different purposes.

Terms of use can protect your small business against litigation in a number of circumstances. Understanding how these terms affect your company, Internet visitors, and paying customers is the first step toward gaining such protections. The precautions you must take to avoid the many pitfalls that can render terms of use invalid can be difficult, but they can be invaluable when used properly.

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