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Moving Guide: Use This Primer to Plan a Business or Personal Move

Use this handy checklist (PDF) for moving with less stress.

Moving Guide: Use This Primer to Plan a Business or Personal Move

Move with less stress! We assembled this moving and packing cheklist to give you a week-by-week overview of critical tasks.


8 weeks out

  • Develop a schedule and budget
  • Research and finalize professional moving services
  • Change your address with the Postal Service, delivery services, banks and insurers, vendors, etc.
  • Order new stationery, business cards and business and wayfinding signs and banners
  • Send email and printed announcements with your new business location to customers, partners and vendors
  • Order new home or office furniture, retail supplies and equipment

7 weeks out

  • Digltize records that don’t require hard copies so you don’t have to move them; shred sensitive papers
  • Use latching storage for vital records (like leases, and medical and Insurance information) and a small lockbox for valuables
  • Fill a container with day-of-move essentials:
    • Box cutter and scissors
    • Toilet paper
    • Antibacterial wipes
    • Water
    • Snacks
    • Batteries and charger sets for devices
    • First aid kit

6 weeks out

  • Create a packing schedule
  • Decide which things you’ll need right up until moving day and don’t pack them early
  • Begin sorting items into move, store, donate and recycle categories; pack or dispose these items to avoid additional clutter
  • Buy packing and moving supplies, lncluding:
    • Small, medium and large moving boxes
    • Ink-free packing paper to protect breakables (so it won’t stain possessions) or as void fill for boxes
    • Stretch wrap for holding drawers and doors in place and grouping small items together
  • Bubble roll:
    • Antistatic for electronics;
    • Self-cling for odd-shaped items;
    • Extra wide for larger items like mirrors, picture frames and wall art
    • 3/16” for surface and scratch protection for individual fragile items
    • 5/16” provides an added layer of protection/ padding in the box
    • Moving tape for boxes you’re sending
  • Storage tape for boxes you’re stowing long term

5 weeks out

  • Avoid making boxes too heavy to carry
  • Use small boxes for heavy items; put lighter items in large boxes
  • Tape all box seams for extra strength (it should look like an H)
  • Surround breakables with 3” of bubble roll to avoid damage
  • Keep contents in place with 2” of packing paper, peanuts or other filler
  • Wrap furniture with stretch wrap to prevent scratches
  • Store packed boxes by room or function so they go on and off the truck in a logical order
  • Keep boxes going to storage in a designated area to avoid confusion

4 weeks out

  • Measure doorways at your new place to make sure furniture can pass easily
  • Hire professional cleaners to leave your old space tidy
  • Book a locksmith to change the locks at your new location as soon as its ready for occupancy

3 weeks out

  • Book a tech services pro to help you shut down and set up your network, computers and other crucial devices and software
  • Develop a moving week and post-move staffing plan to mitigate service disruption
  • Reroute auto shipments or scheduled deliveries to your new location
  • Forward medical and dental records to your new providers

1-2 weeks out

  • Update first aid kit contents
  • Properly dispose of paint, chemicals and other hazardous waste
  • Empty the refrigerator and use up kitchen/ breakroom inventory
  • Note your business move on your website or blog to remind customers

Moving day

  • Keep your day-of-box handy
  • Power down critical technology as late as possible so it’s first on and first off the truck
  • Reprogram security and entry/exit keypads
  • Test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Locate fire extinguishers, emergency shelter, water shutoff and circuit box
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