Optimize Away: Top SEO Tools & Tricks to Dominate Google


Website owners have been using SEO tools for years as a way to position their websites at the top of search engine results, bring in more traffic, and attract new customers. With each Google update, new SEO tools and tricks are devised by clever website owners to keep their sites ranking at the top of the search engine results pages (SERPs). Here are a few top SEO tricks you can use to dominate Google:

Choose Killer Keywords

A keyword is a term or phrase that a person types into a search box on Google (or another search engine, such as Bing or Yahoo) to find a relevant website. You want to have these keywords integrated into your website so it will pop up in the SERPs when someone searches for those terms. However, these keywords must be relevant to your website, article, product, or service.

There are popular phrases that people search for, as well as other phrases that are never typed into Google. The key is to do some research to find out what keywords are searched for often that don't appear on many other websites already. The Google Keyword Tool is one of the most popular SEO tools you can use to help you find high-quality keywords.

Optimize Images with Keywords

Just as keywords are important for the content you place on your blog, you should also have keywords attached to all the images on your website to dominate Google. This SEO tool is often overlooked, yet it can make a big impact on your SERP standings.

Many people search Google for pictures instead of words, so you always want to have relevant keywords attached to your images. The ideal situation is to have the same keyword you are targeting on the headline also placed on your image's ALT text, title, and description spaces. When you have a great image, people will use it and credit the source, providing free traffic to your site.

Write Content for Humans

Before Google's latest updates, website owners wrote a lot of content on their site simply to gain higher ranking in the SERPs. They stuffed articles with keywords, but the articles themselves provided little value to a person reading it. This has also changed—Google now penalizes sites that pack in keywords with high-quality content—so it is now more important than ever to write high-quality content that your actual human visitors want to read.

You still want to incorporate keywords, but they should appear naturally throughout the article. It can be a delicate balance to provide quality content for humans and enough keywords to be picked up by the search engines.

Diversify Your Links

There are several ways to build links that can be used to grow traffic for your website, and you should incorporate all of them. When you think about SEO tools, the act of link building probably comes to mind. Experts often say that the best SEO trick is internal linking: linking one page of your website to another. This shows Google that everything you put on your website is relevant to everything else, so it must be a quality site.

It is important that the words you link to are synonyms, such as: SEO tricks, SEO tips, SEO tricks of the trade, SEO tools, and SEO tools of the trade. Using slightly different words assures Google that it's not spam and that the content is relevant.

To Wrap it Up

When you put in the time and effort to find high-quality keywords, add keywords to the images on your site, provide informative and interesting content for your readers, and build links, your time is well spent. Using these SEO tools and tricks will help you increase traffic to your site, which in turn will increase your sales and profits. ?

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