Organizing Business Cards into a Rolodex Worthy of a Rockefeller

Many professional entrepreneurs rely on a business card organizer to keep information on their clients or vendors up to date. Business card management allows a business owner or manager to keep important contact information close at hand at all times. Different methods of organization often require different tools for this purpose. The development of electronic systems allow business owners to choose either modernized rolodex filing of physical cards or scanning and creating digital contact databases. Some systems even combine the two for maximum flexibility.


Setting up a Business Card System

Clutter is often an entrepreneur's worst enemy. Lost business cards can result in lost connections and relationships, and may ultimately result in missed opportunities for your small business. A business card organizer allows you to know where your business card selection is at all times and organize business cards in a manner that is meaningful to you or your business. This cuts down on the time it takes to find contacts and allows you to spend more time working on building the relationships that such cards start.


Business card organizer options have come a long way from the index card and Rolodex systems of the past. Digital scanners and cameras allow small business owners to effectively file away and retrieve hundreds or thousands of contact forms without the need for physical storage. Electronic indexing of physical cards is still available for those who prefer a business card organizer setup that lets them keep the card itself. This allows small business owners to keep a back-up copy in case the original card is damaged or lost. Variants of these systems allow you to maintain a physical Rolodex that automatically sorts itself and turns to the correct entry when you access it through your desktop or mobile device.


Electronic business card organizer systems vary greatly in cost, based upon the features and portability of the system. Handheld business card organizer setups let you scan cards immediately upon receipt, but usually cost more than bulkier scanners that fit next to your computer on your desk's top. Upgrading to digital storage should still cost less than a hundred dollars, even for the more expensive setups. There may be time costs associated with learning to use a business card organizer or in scanning or storing a large number of existing cards. Make sure you look for a machine that allows for simple and regular backups. This ensures that you retain your data even if your device fails at an inopportune moment.


Making the Right Organization Choices

Choosing the right business card organizer helps you reduce clutter and avoid the hassles of lost or damaged cards. Keeping contact information readily available through digitization and careful organization lets business owners deal with exponentially more clients and maintain relationships on a level not easily accessible without advances in organization technology.









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