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Prevent the Most Common Workplace Injury

Whether your employees work in an office, on the road or outside, you need to make sure they stay safe. Slipping on spilled water or other materials is the most common type of workplace injury — one-third of all workplace accidents involve a slip or trip. Such slips can lead to broken or sprained limbs or other bodily harm. No matter what your work environment, you should always be aware of potential falls and teach your employees what to do if a workplace injury occurs.

Assess Potential Risks

A workplace injury can have a devastating impact on employee morale and company productivity, not to mention potential legal and financial troubles. You risk an employee filing a lawsuit to cover medical bills and personal suffering, which can cost your company thousands of dollars or more. You can assess your potential risk by walking through your office and looking for hazards, including slick spots, spilled liquids or uneven floors. If you work outside an office, there may be additional concerns as well so look for these potential issues. You should also ask your employees and coworkers to help identify trouble spots and problems.

Prevent Slips, Trips & Falls

Preventing workplace injuries is as simple as training your coworkers and employees. All workers need to understand they can't simply step over a puddle of water or tell someone else about the problem. Keep a first-aid kit and a cabinet filled with cleaning supplies for taking care of spills, like mops and rags, that workers can use to clean up slick floors. A brightly colored safety sign is an easy way to warn others of a potential danger and prevent accidents — even once the spill has been cleaned up. Guardrails and handrails can help employees catch their balance before falling. The newest rails are easier to install than older rails, but you'll need to make sure the rails you choose meet the Americans with Disabilities Act requirements.

After a Common Workplace Injury Occurs

It only takes a few hours of your time to train employees on what to do after an accident. A first aid kit is your first line of defense. You can even find smaller kits you can tuck in your glove box when you work outside or on the road. While some employees might complain about spending a few hours in training, you'll save money long term for your company. Not only will employees learn how to prevent accidents, but they will also learn what to do when a workplace injury occurs.

Once your employees learn how to avoid slips and trips, you will significantly cut down your risk of workplace injuries. Keep the correct supplies on hand to help employees recover after an accident as well as to prevent one from happening in the first place.


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