Protect Your Office Technology from Summer Activities

While many of us take time off work to enjoy the summer sun, it can be tricky to leave work — and your office technology — completely behind. Check out these tips to protect your equipment when using it outside this summer.

Protect Your Laptop

Whether you’re working outside by the grill or routinely visit farms or building sites, you'll want to protect your work laptop from dust and splatters. One solution is a laptop sleeve or laptop backpack. There are a variety of designs and protection levels to choose from. Whether you have a simple carrying satchel or a more rugged hard briefcase, you can rest assured your work laptop is protected from potential damage. If you're traveling by airplane, a rolling laptop bag is more convenient, and the wheels often make it easier to get to where you want to go. Some rolling bags even offer a little extra space for packing your clothes so you can avoid extra luggage charges. They also have extra laptop protection, so if your computer does get bumped, it probably won't get ruined.

Secure Your Files

Of course, the files inside your laptop are just as valuable as the laptop itself. Don't forget to back up your work using a secure online backup option. Dropbox is a great way to back up your work for free, providing you have an Internet connection. So if you do happen to lose your laptop, or it gets damaged, at least your files will be protected and accessible.

Protect Your Phone

Your business laptop isn't the only item essential to everyday office life. Your mobile phone is likely your key method of communication, so you need to protect it. Keeping your phone in your front pocket instead of your back pocket is one of the simplest and most effective ways to limit accidental drops. Many accidents that involve water damage to phones are caused by phones falling out of back pockets and into a toilet. Not to mention, your back pocket is the easiest pocket to steal from.

Keep It Covered

Mobile phone covers are useful for avoiding splashes and keeping dirt and sand away from your phone’s inner workings. Tablet covers also work in a similar way, and they're very useful if you plan on reading, browsing the Web or checking email while on vacation.

Your technology is a vital part of your work life, whether you are in the office or not. Protecting your office technology is surprisingly easy and it can prevent large bills — and headaches — later on.

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