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Six Do's and Don'ts for Better Content Marketing | Business Hub |®

Six Do's and Don'ts for Better Content Marketing

When you have spent time and effort working on your business, you normally expect your sales to grow over time. However, there are aspects of content marketing that can make or break your business, so it's important to be aware of them if you're really serious about making your online business a success. You need to determine whether your site, social media, and consumer information areas are up to par to be sure you'll do well in online sales.

1. Look at the Design of Your Site

Make sure your blog, webpage, or business site looks attractive. You may think that paying a graphic or Web designer to create your site or page is unnecessary, but you'll want to make the best impression possible on potential buyers. Is the page easy to navigate? Is the resolution high enough so that visitors can read it well and view images easily? Content marketing relies on consumers making a purchase and talking about your site to others, so make sure the page is simple to use.

2. Tone down Aggression

You don’t want your page to be too aggressive. There is nothing more irritating than being pushed to buy something that you don't need. Lean toward delivering more educational and entertaining content for your audience instead. You'll have more returning visitors to your site and more potential customers for your business.

3. Talk to Customers

Add interest through videos, Twitter, and more. You want consumers to see that you are accessible and responsive. Vary the content on your site, show how a product works through a video, and have a well-rounded experience for the people who are interested in your products. This will help them make better decisions about the purchases they want to make.

4. Share for More Interest

Don't make it hard to share the page and information. Sites that put blocks on images and prevent sharing links actually hurt sales. With the way that branding on social media has exploded in popularity, content marketing can reach more people faster than ever, so make sure it's easy for others to spread the word.

5. Add Outside Information

Do you have references, news reports, press coverage, or other media coverage that shows off your business's branding? Content marketing strategy allows you to use these items to talk about your products with a reference to back your opinion. Mix in your own opinions and reviews to add to the content, but remember that official news coverage and press releases is the content that really indicates the professional level of your business.

6. Give Them All You Have

Don't leave people wanting more from your site. If a consumer can't find information through the content marketing that you've provided, he or she will leave and find a site that does. This means you'll lose sales and, in the end, a customer. Offer links to information that return consumers to your page, and you will be more likely to make the sale. In conclusion, make sure your company succeeds by providing content marketing that gives the consumers what they want. Provide entertainment, information, and easy access, and you'll be one step ahead of the rest.

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