The Evolution and Impact of Co-Citation on SEO Content & Strategy

A good SEO strategy and targeted keywords will help you get the best search engine results. As the Internet evolves, things like a co-citation become just as important as backlinks and well-written content, so make sure you understand how each algorithm change affects your Web site rankings. In 2012, a major algorithm change impacted a lot of business owners' Web sites. Since then, it's become extremely important to have a strategy that includes interesting SEO content, relevant backlinks and co-citations.

The Benefits of Co-Citations

Put simply, you’ll receive a co-citation when someone uses relevant keywords to talk about your business online. Search engine companies started to recognize that not all people share links, but they still talk about the products and companies they love, so the companies created an algorithm change that counts a co-citation in a similar manner to the way a relevant backlink is counted. This means that the more people talk about your company and products on their social networking sites and blogs, the more credibility your Web site has with search engines. Here are some of the benefits of co-citations:

• Higher search engine rankings

• Brand recognition grows as people share your products

• New customers • Increase in Web site traffic

• Easier to build a good business reputation

Social Networking and Co-Citations

You don't have to be tech savvy to get a co-citation. Creating social media sites for your business is an easy way to increase the traffic your business receives. That way, you can share some of your well-written SEO content with others. Then, when they share your content with friends and family, you obtain a co-citation. It’s simple. The more you share your content, and content from other business owners, the more it benefits your online business.

The Cost of Maintaining Your Web Site Ranking

The amount of money you spend to keep your Web site at the top of the search engine results depends on whether you want to complete the work needed in house or outsource it. For example, some online business owners choose to create all of their own content, while others outsource the work to freelance writers. To maintain your Web site ranking results, you should consistently create and share interesting content on social networking Web sites. If you outsource all of this work, it could cost you thousands of dollars per month, but if you have the time to do the work yourself, it won't cost you a dime.

Whether you’re new to online business or have maintained a successful business Web site for years, it's important that you learn to adapt your strategy as the Internet evolves. If you take the time to learn how to obtain a co-citation and then implement the process, it won't take long for you to reap the benefits.

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