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The Importance of Branding to Your Hospitality Business | Business Hub |®

The Importance of Branding to Your Hospitality Business

In the competitive hospitality industry, setting your company apart is crucial to establishing a firm customer base. This is true of small, independently owned hotels as well as national chains. You can position your hotel, motel, or bed-and-breakfast for success when you brand everyday and luxury items so that customers remember you the next time they need to book a reservation. By making smart choices about item type, branding method, and monetary expenditures, you can find a branding strategy that makes your hospitality company memorable.

Boosting Customer Loyalty with Branded Items

The purpose of branding is to help ensure customers will return again, and even recommend your business to others. Traditional branding options include pillow mints, tea, and travel toiletries. You can also brand special items designed for your guests to enjoy long after they have left your property, such as luxury bath robes or gourmet jams and jellies. Some products can be complementary, while others can be sold in your property's gift shop.

Consider co-branding to set your hospitality business apart. Co-branding is when two separate companies form a partnership to enhance both of their brand images. For example, when a well-known bath products company co-branded with a major hotel chain, the bath company was able to boost its profile while the hotel offered its customers standard branded amenities with a luxury twist.

Classic and Innovative Branding Choices

Traditionally, hotels have branded items that customers already expect to find in their suites, such as mints on their pillows or in the bathroom. This is still a solid branding strategy, however, you should ensure the products you choose reflect your hotel's quality level and image -- remember, your company's name is on the wrapper.

If your hotel is in an area well-known for a certain type of good, consider branding quality, locally made samples of this item. For example, if your hotel is in California's wine country, look into partnering with a local vineyard. Use copy and print services to make labels for the wine bottles showcasing your partnership. Creative branding choices like this one will help customers remember you when they are booking vacations in the future.

Cost vs. Benefit of Branded Gifts

It's important to choose a hospitality branding strategy that fits with your company's budget. Fortunately, creative, clever, and cute branding choices don't have to cost a lot. Small conveniences like a branded beer bottle opener and a coupon for a local microbrewery go a long way to enhancing your brand's perceived value.

Consider branding choices that you don't give away – for example, if your onsite restaurant makes excellent sauces, consider bottling them. When your customers use the products at home, they will remember their stay with every use.

The point of branding in the hospitality industry is to enhance your customer’s perception of your value. Remember to choose branding strategies that reflect your property’s unique image. Luxury hotels should choose high-end branding options, while small bed-and-breakfasts should pick home-style or region-centric hotel amenities that reflect their charm.

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