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The Six Best Mobile Small-Business Apps | Business Hub |®

The Six Best Mobile Small-Business Apps

Be more productive and get organized with these top small-business apps.

Making the most of your small business means getting organized, being more productive and trouncing the competition.

Business savvy goes a long way, but everyone needs a little help, too. Here are some top mobile apps that will boost your enterprise agility.

Abukai Expenses

Creating expense reports can be time-consuming and dull, but Abukai makes it a lot easier (and even more pleasant). Simply take a photo of your receipt from your smartphone, and the information is entered into one of the app’s interfaces. You can also take a picture of a map or itinerary to record mileage. All the data then populates a spreadsheet or Web-based interface.


For freelance professionals or others who bill by the hour, tracking time can often take the form of scribbled notes or shorthand on a calendar page. Spruce up your system with OfficeTime, an app geared toward small businesses and freelancers. Now, you can not only track time spent on a project, but also see cross-team reporting. That means you can determine who’s slacking and which project is over budget.


Cloud computing makes data storage and access much easier, but only if the information is organized in a searchable way. Primadesk offers an app that lets users manage cloud content, look through older files, transfer new files and even combine cloud services like Dropbox, SugarSync, Access Box and others. Using a single interface, you can zip through your content and boost productivity by locating data quickly.

SOS Online Backup

Online backup is essential for any small business, and there’s an array of options when it comes to mobile computing backup. A top example is SOS Online Backup, which offers access from any Web browser and any device. The app works continuously, backing up files as they change. Especially nice is the military-grade encryption, a security level that’s sometimes lacking in small-business apps.


Imagine all your brilliant ideas in one place. With Evernote, you can jot down your thoughts — or speak them into your smartphone — and keep track of your insights. The app allows you to organize and share text, photos and voice notes; bookmark web pages; and then search through all the content quickly. When trying to recall that huge business idea, you’ll never be scrambling through your desk again.


Three connecting flights, car rental and hotel reservation: Is your briefcase bulging with email printouts yet? Ditch the paper with TripIt, an app that lets you combine all your flight, hotel and rental-car confirmations into one mobile itinerary. The app also features maps so you can navigate unfamiliar roads on your way to important business meetings, making that travel-induced anxiety a thing of the past.

Mobile computing helps any small business get more accomplished, faster — and that can lead to increased growth and revenue. Tap into the power of apps for a business power boost.

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