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Time for a Facelift? Upgrade to Custom Signs for Your Small Business

Published February 2016

It’s a crowded world out there and standing out is critical to your success. From grand openings to trade shows to interior/exterior upgrades, bold custom signs make an impact and get results. Strategically deployed signage extends marketing reach, attracts business and drives sales.

To choose the perfect solution for the job, check out this overview of custom signs and their uses.

1. Signs: Attract attention indoors and out.

Most small businesses require signage inside and outside for wayfinding, exhibiting, events, point of sale, promotions and campaigns. Indoor signs can be as simple as a poster or can be printed on foam board, photo board or polystyrene for displaying on easels, in frames or pre-existing fixtures. Outdoor signs can be printed on polystyrene, PVC or aluminum and are useful to convey directions, sidewalk promotions (restaurants and retail) or construction site information. 

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You can increase impressions and provide important information with other types of outdoor signage. Yard signs printed on corrugated plastic, PVC or aluminum are perfect for real estate agents, political campaigns and wayfinding. Parking signs made of durable aluminum take your branding to the streets using painted or reflective material (rounded corners and predrilled holes are included). They’re terrific for identifying employee of the month, visitor or other special parking areas.

2. Banners: Put your brand front and center in a large format. 

Banners create a bigger stage for your biggest ideas, making them perfect for trade shows, expos, events and fairs. Emblazon them with your logo, brand or promotional messaging, even event and directional information. Banner stands can be deployed as a single unit, a series bearing different messages, or as a step-and-repeat backdrop. Hanging banners are ideal for covering larger spaces like stages, walls or trade show booths. Options include grommets, stands, double-sided printing, wind slits and hangers.

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3. Specialty Signage: Take it to the next level.

Up your impact with custom signs that break the mold. Custom-cut signs and point-of-purchase displays can feature life-size cutouts of anything — yourself or your product or your logo — as a standing unit or nifty wall decal. Adhesive signage lets you cover flat surfaces like walls, doors and windows with eye-catching graphics, branding or wording. Permanent options are terrific as interior design elements on the wall or flat surfaces, while repositionable prints are perfect for special promotions and temporary displays. Perforated window decals turn any vehicle window into a marketing tool, but they’re also terrific for store, office or restaurant windows since they allow natural light to shine through. 

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Now that you know the options, you’re ready to create eye-catching custom signs and watch your business grow.

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