Top Tips You Need to Know for Effective Advertising

Effective advertising is crucial to the success of any endeavor, whether it is a business, a charitable group, a political campaign or a fundraiser. Proper use of signage as well as choosing that signage’s design is crucial to the success of your product. Fortunately, it is easy to find signage, mailing supplies and other custom marketing materials at Staples.


Signage allows you to alert local consumers to your project, which makes it potentially more effective than broader radio or television campaigns that are costly and reach a smaller percentage of your target audience. For businesses that rely on walk-in customers, such as retail shops in areas with lots of foot traffic, signs may be the most effective way to advertise. Businesses that are located off the beaten path may need signs to draw customers who otherwise would have no reason to pass their door. Signs are cost effective and frequently long-lasting, unlike other forms of advertising that have to be restocked or updated. Signs made of aluminum or wood can be used for years, while poster board or plastic yard signs may be more desirable for short-term events like political campaigns and fundraisers.


Honing in Your Message

Remember to adjust your sign design to your location and target clients. If your business is located in a shopping center, you may wish to choose colors that contrast with the building’s design. For themed events such as fundraisers or political campaigns, you may wish to use red, white and blue or a color strongly associated with your project. Don’t use too much text in your sign – if it is too crowded, people may not read it at all. Use a concise, focused message to attract more attention. Be sure your sign is a good representative of your business – it should be attractive and high quality. If not, potential customers may make negative assumptions about your endeavor. Companies like Staples can help you select signage designs that will attract attention tastefully.


Things to Watch Out for

The main drawback of signs is that unlike digital forms of advertising, they must be discarded and replaced when information changes. If your advertising ideas evolve, you should expect to purchase new materials. For this reason, it is better to use more expensive signs for aspects of your business that are unlikely to change over time – addresses and phone numbers are well-suited to signage, but sales and promotional events may not warrant a high-quality sign. Because signs are portable, some thought should be given to securing them. If you expect bad weather, you will need to secure your signage. Large A-frame signs can frequently be secured with a chain, preventing theft or loss.



Though signage is usually not the only marketing method needed for a project, it can be a cost-effective and wide-reaching tool. By selecting the right signage for your project and using good design principles, you can maximize your advertising dollars. This is especially true if your business relies on foot traffic to draw customers. If you have a highly localized target audience, signage can be a more effective communication tool than pricier digital methods.


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