Which Performance Review Phrases Make You Sound Invaluable?

Performance review time. It’s when your manager takes a good look at everything from your goals to your attitude. Sometimes employees even get the opportunity to participate in their own review process. If you’re asked to comment on your performance, be sure you know the performance review phrases to use and which to avoid. The right self-appraisal could make you seem invaluable to the company, while others could cause supervisors to question your performance. To get a better handle on how to complete your self-appraisal with confidence, use these must-know tips.

Position Yourself for a Promotion

Understanding which phrases to use will help you get the best results from your review process. Many employers use the results of performance reviews to determine pay increases or job promotions, so the phrases you use could affect your income or career satisfaction. If your employer asks you to fill out a template, it’s good to know which phrases tend to have a positive impact. In addition to what to say and how to say it, it’s important that you back up all of your statements with real numbers. For example, phrases like "I increased last year's sales by 42%" are much stronger than generic phrases like "I made more sales this year." It’s also important to use action words like “collaborate,” “conceptualize” and “resolve. These words make it easier to communicate your value to managers and executives.

Creative Performance Review Tactics

If your job involves technology, instead of focusing on the basic tasks of your job, focus on your achievements. The STAR method of reviewing your performance involves describing a situation, explaining your task, describing the action you took to complete the task or resolve the issue, and explaining the results. For example, if you selected a new computer system that saved your employer $15,000, this is how your self-appraisal could be written using the STAR method: “I reviewed our IT vendor contract and realized that we were not being given the preferred customer rate we were promised. I contacted the vendor and negotiated a steeper discount, saving the firm $15,000 over the course of a year." Then use similar performance review phrases to describe your other achievements.

Performance Review Critical Mistakes

When it comes to self-appraisals, mistakes can be critical. When you’re writing your own review, stay objective. Avoid using words and phrases that exaggerate your achievements. You should also avoid performance review phrases that communicate negativity toward your supervisor or colleagues. Also, be sure to use phrases that correspond with your job description, and avoid making statements that do not add any useful information to your appraisal. If you are not sure which performance review phrases to use, consider investing in books that contain performance review tips. Or, hire a career consultant the first time you do a self-appraisal. You may spend $50 to $100 per hour, but the knowledge you gain will serve you throughout your career.

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