Why Odor Removal Is an Important Business Matter

Find out why it is important for business owners to remove odors from their buildings and what products are available to help.


 Fighting Odors

Odors can become a problem for your business, especially if you have a lot of foot traffic or allow food and drinks in your establishment. It may not only come from customers, as employees can spill the coffee that they brought in for breakfast or the orange juice they drank for lunch. Even water can cause an odor problem if it causes mold growth after being spilled.


Odor Removal Products

Odor removal products can help business owners keep their businesses odor free. Carpet deodorizers are often easy to use, as most simply needed to be sprinkled on the carpet before being vacuumed up. If you are concerned about the health effects of deodorizers, you can also find natural air fresheners that will help your buildings smell fresh without harming your health or the health of your employees. Simply place these around the office and other areas that can harbor odors.


Benefits and Costs

Having easy-to-use odor removal products around for your employees to use will help boost morale and productivity by eliminating irritating odors that may be driving employees outside for a breath of fresh air. The best thing about these odor removal methods, besides being easy, is that they are affordable. Most units will cost less than $10, and your total cost will depend on how many units you need. Business owners with larger buildings or a greater number of buildings will need more units.


Things to Consider

These odor removal methods do come with a few downsides-the biggest being that these simple odor removal methods don't eliminate your risk for mold growth. Mold growth can not only cause odor, which can be covered up, but negative health effects as well. If you are successfully covering up the odor of mold growth, then you may not know it is there. The longer it grows unchecked, the longer you and your employees will be exposed to it and the more expensive it will be to eliminate.


 A Workable Solution

The best way to remove the risk of mold growth is to train employees to immediately and successfully cleaning up all liquid spills or, better yet, have a janitor on call that's trained to do so. Employees who are put off by cleaning up messes at work will be more likely to call in a janitor than they will be to clean the mess up themselves. If your employees simply leave a spill because no one saw them do it, and therefore no one knows who should clean it up, then it is likely to sit long enough to soak in and cause mold growth.

With mold prevention method standards in place and easy, efficient odor removal products on hand for your employees to use, you can successfully keep odors out of your business that would otherwise drive customers and employees away.



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