School Calculators

Staples has you covered when shopping for school calculators during the back-to-school season. We carry every type of school calculator, from graphing calculators to scientific calculators, so you can find the perfect one for your needs. But first you must be wondering, how do I know the right calculator for my student? Finding the right calculator doesn't have to be complicated. Shop Staples for all your school calculator needs.

Different classes need different types of calculators

The type of calculator you need will depend on the math and science classes you're taking. For basic arithmetic and simple algebra problems, a simple four-function or basic calculator should suffice. However, if you're enrolled in more advanced courses like trigonometry, calculus, or physics, you'll need a scientific or graphing calculator that can handle more complex calculations.

Popular graphing calculators:

For graphing calculators, the Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus CE Graphing Calculator offers the traditional button layout of the ever-popular TI-84 with additional color code capabilities. You can also consider the Texas Instruments TI-Nspire, which allows you to store JPEGs and other images in addition to the calculator functionality.

Non-graphing calculator options:

If your student doesn't need as much functionality around graphing complex expressions, you can also consider an item in our line of our scientific calculators such as the Texas Instruments TI-30XS MultiView Scientific Calculator or a Casio fx-115ESPLUS Engineering and Scientific Calculator. Finally, for lower level math classes, we have a full line of basic school calculators like the Texas Instruments TI-108 Basic Calculator, Canon LS-100TS Desktop Calculators, or the Sharp EL233SB Calculators with an 8-Digit LCD Display.