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Whether storing or transporting consignments, strapping seals secure straps in place when bundling goods so that they remain intact. Proper strapping also optimizes the use of space and makes it easier to organize consignments. Buckles come in various metal and plastic options suitable for different weights and types of goods. Find various seals, strapping, and other shipping supplies at Staples®.

Strapping Seals for Application by Hand
Some metal strap buckles are made of heavy-duty wire. These are easy to thread by looping the straps, tensioning, and then cutting the extra strap. Their self-locking feature ensures they grip the straps well. Users can apply these seals by hand. Their robust formulation makes them suitable for use with heavy gauge strapping for heavy loads.

Plastic buckle clips can also be applied by hand. They are suitable for low tension applications. These plastic and metal buckles are suitable for poly cord, polypropylene, and polyester strapping.

Easy to Apply Metal Buckles
Open or snap-on buckles are designed so that tensioning can be applied before users slide the buckle over the strapping. Snap-on buckles are easy to apply using sealing tools to ensure proper and faster sealing. Their design makes them suitable for smooth polyester strapping. Some snap-on buckles feature sandpaper interiors. When these surfaces come in contact with strapping, they hold firmly in place during transportation.

Metal Buckles can Secure Heavy Loads
Closed seals secure straps firmly when applied even to bulky heavyweight loads. They also help align plastic strapping when tensioning. The straps are threaded first before sealing. Closed seals are also known as thread-on seals. Serrated seals apply extra friction on the strapping for a better grip. They work well with smooth and embossed plastic strapping. They usually come in both snap-on and thread-on options.

Convenient Application of Strapping Seals
Tensioning and crimping tools ensure the seals hold the straps securely. They also make the applications of seals faster and safer. Users need to wear appropriate safety gear like gloves and safety glasses for a seamless process. Tools for plastic strapping differ from steel strapping because of the nature of these materials. Steel requires stronger tools. The seals come in packages of 1000 pieces to ensure work flows smoothly.

Can Strapping Buckles Resist Corrosion?
Plastic buckles can withstand the elements and remain robust for light strapping. Some buckles feature coating that resists corrosion while other seals are made of galvanized steel that resists rust and corrosion to ensure they remain strong enough to secure consignments for long.

What are the Strength Levels of Strapping Seals?
Metal strapping is ideal for heavy-duty strapping. The buckles that are designed for heavy loads are labeled heavy duty. Some labels also include the type of steel, such as .031 steel, which means galvanized steel, which has a low amount of carbon for optimal strength.

What are the Available Sizes of Strapping Seals?
These seals come in 1/2 inch, 3/4 inch, and 5/8 inch options. Thin buckles are malleable which makes them easy to apply. Thick seals provide added strength for heavy-duty strapping.

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