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Strapping tools are for applying straps to bind, reinforce, and fasten bundles and packaged loads prior to shipping and storage. Strapping or banding secures shipping boxes and palletized loads during transport. It protects their contents and prevents injury to those handling these packages. Check out the large inventory of shipping supplies at Staples® to find all the strapping equipment you need to safely and securely bundle goods.

Essential Manual Strapping Tools
There are four classes of tools used for strapping. These are manual, pneumatic, and battery-operated tools as well as semi and fully automatic strapping equipment. The right one to pick depends on the type of strapping used, scale of operation, and size of package. For example, steel straps are incompatible with automatic strapping machines. Applying them requires handheld tools. Manual tools are the simplest to use and include tensioners, sealers, and shears. A tensioner tightens straps around cartons and palletized loads while a sealer applies seals to close the straps and a pair of shears cuts off any excess. These tools are available singly or combined in strapping kits.

Enjoy the Convenience of Powered Tools
While manual tools allow maximum freedom of movement, you need multiple tools to secure each shipping box and you have to be strong to use them effectively. Both pneumatic and battery-powered tools streamline the strapping process by combining all the required steps in a single machine. Tensioning, sealing, and cutting with a powered handheld device saves time and energy. Choose a battery-operated banding tool if you desire portability. Pneumatic models run on compressed air and are ideal for environments without ready electric power.

Semi and fully automatic strapping machines are faster than handheld tools. These strapping devices come in different sizes ranging from low-volume tabletop models to semi-automatic arch machines and high-volume fully automatic bundlers. Automatic models are best for industrial settings like factory floors and warehouses since they have large footprints. In addition to executing all the steps required for strapping boxes, these packaging machines can also integrate into factory assembly lines by connecting directly to conveyor belts.

Why Should You Get a Strapping Kit?
A strapping kit contains everything required to secure boxes for shipping and storage. The contents usually includes a roll of strapping, a box of seals, and a strapping cart or dispenser in addition to a tensioner tool, a strapping cutter, and a sealer tool. Besides convenience, another benefit of opting for kits is that they contain all the right tools. For example, a steel strapping kit will include a cutter, because sniping steel bands is harder, while plastic strapping kits use tensioners with built-in cutters.

What Accessories Do You Need with Strapping Tools?
Get strap guards or protectors to prevent the strapping from cutting into shipping boxes. Usually made of laminated fiberboard and plastic, these fit around edges of cartons to prevent tensioned straps from damaging packaged goods. They also cushion the corners from the compressive force of strapping. Other useful accessories include buckles, tamper-resistant seals, and strapping feeder tools.

Can You Use the Same Tools for Propylene and Polyester Strapping?
Not always. While some banding tools are compatible with both types of plastic strapping, others will only work with one of them. Make sure to check manufacturers’ specifications when choosing poly strapping equipment.

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