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Shrink wrap and stretch films help users safely and securely package items destined for shipment or retail display. High-quality wraps offer solid puncture and tear resistance, ensuring bundles and pallet-loaded items arrive in good condition. Staples® carries a variety of wrapping products from GoodWrappers®, BOX Partners, Reynolon®, and other trusted brands that are durable and economical for a range of everyday needs and specialty packaging purposes.

Durable Cling Wraps Suit a Variety of Needs
Users have several styles of wrap to choose from, including specialty products for food items, heat-sensitive products, and freight shipments. Vented wraps and stretch netting help keep produce fresh during shipping while anti-static wraps work well to keep delicate electronics safe from shock-related damage. Several wraps come loaded on handled spools so warehouse staff can easily load them into dispensers and packaging machines.

Choose between clear wraps and a range of colorful wrapping materials. Clear wraps help users quickly inspect incoming shipments while color-coded bundles let warehouse staff smoothly sort through and organize inventory. Select styles let users clearly mark fragile shipments and bundles requiring special handling.

Boost Business Efficiency With Packaging Accessories
In addition to packing films and wraps, you'll find a variety of dispensers, cutting tools, and heat guns in stock. Angled cutters allow handlers to quickly cut through layers of wrap, speeding up the unpacking process. Handled dispensers make it more comfortable to bundle multiple items together. Select dispenser models feature brake handles so users can control the amount of wrap being supplied along with tension controls that allow for uniform wrapping output and friction-free handling.

Businesses Save Big on Bulk Quantities of Packaging Products
Keeping extra quantities of plastic wrap on hand saves employees valuable time. Many shipping wraps are sold in value-added bulk packs, ensuring businesses always have plenty of packing materials on hand. Select items are also eligible for Staples' auto-restock service, offering registered customers quick and free regular shipments of frequently-used items.

Are Stretch Wrap and Shrink Wrap the Same?
Some people consider these terms to be interchangeable, but they are two different products. Stretch wrap is a looser material designed to cling tightly to bundles, holding items together with tension. It is frequently used to secure shipping pallets and also works well for streamlined inventory management.

Shrink wrap film, on the other hand, does not stretch and requires a heat tool to form a tight seal around packaged items. It is a popular choice for retail packaging as it is easy to see through, helps keep dust and moisture out, and offers excellent tamper resistance.

Is Stretch Wrap Recyclable?
Some types of stretch wrap can be recycled provided the materials have been kept mostly clean. Businesses may want to check with local recycling facilities to see if collection programs are available or consider reusing uncontaminated wrap to secure moving boxes and stored items.

Is Shrink Wrap Waterproof?
While shrink wrap can help protect items against outside moisture, it is not considered completely waterproof. To prevent damage due to submersion or excessive water exposure, users should consider storing and shipping wrapped items in a watertight container.