Teaching Resources

Teaching young kids is a very rewarding but challenging process. To help teachers provide the best experience for their students, check out Staples’ supply of helpful teaching materials. They’re perfect for boosting student engagement and providing a smoother learning experience for everyone.

What Are Teaching Materials?

Teaching materials are used to engage students in a classroom and enable an effective learning experience. Some of these materials can aid students in learning faster and preparing better for a quiz or exam. Others are used to turn a rather boring lesson into a fun one. Teacher materials are often colorful and inviting to keep students’ attention.

Teaching materials include flashcards, globes, maps, rewards, incentives, timers, buzzers, posters, charts and many more. Use these items to increase participation and stimulate thinking and conversation among students in the classroom.

What Are the Benefits of Teacher Materials?

Peppering a lesson with learning materials and interesting tasks can keep students engaged and make the school experience memorable, providing lifelong learning. Skip the usual setup of a teacher talking passively in front of students and promote active learning with these tools.

Students will acquire new skills like analysis, synthesis and application of the material. They’ll also develop logical reasoning skills alongside creative thinking due to taking a more engaged role in their own education.

By using educational materials for teachers that include humor, games and interactive presentations, you’ll be able to transform a difficult lesson into one that feels relevant and engaging. Students will find it more natural to stay focused and learn, helping them to retain more information and setting them up for success.

Where Can Teaching Materials Be Used?

Educational materials for teachers go beyond to the classroom. They’re also valuable in other places of learning like libraries, daycares, homeschooling environments, as well as extracurricular learning at home with family.

For example, timers and buzzers are a handy tool in school but can also be used in family games, sports activities, studying and even cooking. Maps and globes are often found in classrooms, public libraries and users’ homes.

What Kind of Teaching Materials Should You Buy?

Educational materials for teachers should be chosen based on the environment and grade range of the intended users. For middle and high school students, consider purchasing planners and personal organizers, critical thinking books, fraction tiles, flash cards and other items used for learning. Younger students who are learning to read can benefit from bookmarks bearing words of encouragement.