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TRU RED™ 16-Sheet Cross-Cut Commercial Shredder (TR-BXC16A)TRU RED™ 16-Sheet Cross-Cut Commercial Shredder (TR-BXC16A)
Item #24311719
Model #TR-BXC16A
  • The Cross-cut takes your data down to 4mm x 40mm particles (up to 418 per letter size sheet)
  • Provides complete shredding for: CDs, credit cards, staples, paper clips, paper, and DVDs
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TRU RED™ 24-Sheet Cross-Cut Commercial Shredder (TR-BXC243A)TRU RED™ 24-Sheet Cross-Cut Commercial Shredder (TR-BXC243A)
Item #24311726
Model #TR-BXC243A
  • The Cross-cut takes your data down to 4mm x 40mm particles (approx. 418 shreds/letter size paper)
  • Provides complete shredding for: CDs, credit cards, staples, paper clips, paper, and DVDs
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Shredding documents helps protect personal information and business data. TRU RED™ cross-cut shredders chop paper, credit cards, and data discs into confetti, making it almost impossible for data thieves to recover information from destroyed materials. Fast blades speed through shredding tasks, and large integrated bins manage waste effectively. Explore the shredders and shredder accessories available at Staples® and enhance the security of personal and corporate data.

Versatile TRU RED Cross-cut Shredders
Households and businesses store sensitive information on many types of media. TRU RED shredders quickly destroy paper records, computer backups stored on CDs or DVDs, and credit cards. Their sturdy blades shred paper clips and staples, which streamlines the document destruction process.

These devices are quiet, producing just 65 decibels, so they won’t disturb co-workers when they’re running. Shredders are easy to move around the office thanks to locking casters, and built-in indicators alert users when the waste bin is full. The machines have compact, vertical designs that take up very little floor space. Most models fit under desks or tables when they’re not in use. TRU RED cross-cut shredders feature gray and black finishes that blend into any office decor.

Effective Data Destruction
The international DIN 66399 standard defines seven security levels for shredding that cover non-sensitive materials to top-secret government documents and everything in between. TRU RED cross-cut shredders have a P-4 security rating, which is suitable for sensitive or confidential data. Shredded waste materials have a particle size of about 0.16 x 1.57 inches, making it almost impossible to reconstruct documents.

What Are Safety Features on TRU RED Cross-cut Shredders?
All these products automatically start when they detect paper in the input feed and stop when there’s nothing left to shred. Jam detection and blade-reverse features back out materials that are too thick to cut, and overload sensors shut down the motor to prevent overheating. A safety interlock stops the shredder if the waste bin is not in place.

How Fast Are TRU RED Shredders?
These devices process 16 to 24 pages per pass, depending on the model chosen. They efficiently handle the shredding needs of a household or small business. High-speed blades process about 6.5 feet of material, roughly seven stacks of letter-size paper, per minute. Almost all shredders operate on a run/cooldown cycle, which protects their motors from overheating. These cross-cut shredders have continuous run time ratings of 20 minutes with a 40-minute cooldown period. On average, they can process between 2,240 and 3,360 sheets of paper per hour.

How Much Waste Do TRU RED Cross-cut Shredders Hold?
With bin sizes of 8 to 10 gallons, these devices easily handle big shredding jobs and save trips to the trash can. Pull-out bins are easy to empty and accommodate bags that further simplify waste disposal.

What Are the Differences Between Strip and Cross-cut Shredders?
Strip shredders have parallel cutters that slice sheets of paper into long, narrow strips. Cross-cut shredders have two sets of blades set at right angles to each other. The first set cuts materials into strips; the second set slices the strips into short pieces. While strip shredders are fine for general document destruction, cross-cut models offer greater security and make it very difficult to recover shredded materials.