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Improve hygiene and efficiency in the washroom with a wide variety of urinals at Staples®. Choose from a range of designs, from waterless and low-flow models to compact and commercial sizes, to find solutions that reduce wait times and maintenance. Vitreous china construction ensures long-lasting durability for busy areas.

Improve Washroom Efficiency with Urinals
Urinals have a smaller physical footprint than toilets and are quicker and easier to use. That helps improve turnover speed for busy, high-traffic areas. Install them in stadiums, colleges, hospitals, airports, parks, and schools to shorten lines in the washroom. They’re also easier to clean and maintain than toilets, saving both time and money. The most common types available are flush models, which offer cost-effectiveness, low maintenance requirements, and a sense of familiarity. These units are typically more cost-effective than waterless units and require water hook-ups. Water use is similar to that of toilets, and aids in cleaning after every flush to further reduce cleaning time and frequency.

Waterless Urinals Help to Conserve Water and Reduce Costs
Waterless models rely on gravity to remove all liquid waste from the bowl, reducing the amount of water consumed in busy buildings and regularly used washrooms. Install them in new builds and retrofits in place of traditional models. Connect them to sewer systems only for easy set-up, bypassing the need to connect to the water supply, and reducing the amount of water-associated costs. Some users install a capped water supply to accommodate a potential substitution for traditional models in the future. While waterless units typically fit standard 2-inch drain lines, avoid copper lines, as the urea reacts with the metal, resulting in a higher risk of pitting or corrosion.

What Features Should You Look for When Selecting a Urinal?
Size is critical in selecting a model. For high-traffic areas, compact models allow the installation of more units, which helps reduce wait time. Smaller offices, stores, and workspaces also benefit from compact units. Larger designs help promote privacy and comfort and often help minimize cleaning requirements. Models with flush handles tend to be more cost-effective, while sensors offer automatic flushing to save on cleaning frequency, and improve overall hygiene in the washroom. Sleek and minimalistic curved designs create a modern look, while some designs facilitate improved flushing, and promote increased cleanliness.

What Materials are Available for Urinals?
Vitreous china is the most common material used for construction and is a specific coating or glazing added to porcelain and other ceramics. Vitreous china offers long-lasting durability, a high gloss, excellent resistance to spills and scratches, and is waterproof to reduce the risk of damage from frequent use.

What Does ADA Compliance Indicate for Urinals?
ADA compliance indicates that urinals meet the Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines, which aim to provide safe and easy use for those with limited mobility and disabilities. Compliance is typically required in public buildings, and helps improve functionality in private spaces to ensure smooth and comfortable use for all customers, residents, or guests. Create accessible washrooms for everyone with ADA compliant models.

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