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PhoneSuit Chargers & Connectors

Chargers and connectors send a steady stream of power to digital devices. Portable batteries, wall chargers, and car chargers make it simple to charge electronics from any location. Keep your devices from losing power by using chargers from brands including Belkin and Samsung.

User-Friendly Design
It's simple to operate chargers and connectors, whether you're charging a smartphone or powering up an iPod. Many chargers do not have buttons or remotes, so it takes mere moments to hook them up and use them. Slide one end of the charger into an electrical outlet, then insert the other end into an electronic device to transmit a safe, steady current of power from the wall to the device.

Dependable Performance
Chargers send a continuous stream of power to cell phones and other electronics. Some accessories are officially certified by the manufacturers of popular electronic devices, so you can charge your devices without experiencing compatibility issues or unexpected glitches. Warranties are available for some of the chargers and connectors, offering protection in the event of an unexpected issue arises or a manufacturing defect.

Compact Size
Chargers and connectors fit easily into most standard-size backpacks or handbags, so you can travel for business conferences without leaving your digital devices behind. Some of the chargers can be folded when they are not in use, making it even easier to slide one into your purse or suitcase. If you travel often, you may also want to invest in some high-quality cases and screen protectors so that your devices remain free of dents and dings while you're on a bus, a train, or an airplane.

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PhoneSuit PS-CORE70 Power Core Ultra Charger, 2.1 A - 7000 mAh, Black
Item : 293136 / Model : PSCORE70
  • Black
  • Output: 2.1A
  • Compatible with iPad, iPhone, iPod, Netbook, Blackberry or Android based Smartphones
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PhoneSuit PS-CORE35 Power Core Micro Charger, 3500 mAh, Black
Item : 293135 / Model : PSCORE35
  • Black
  • Compatible with iPhone 5, Galaxy S3, Smartphones and other devices
  • Power core integrates a full USB output port that charges your iPhone, iPod,iPad and virtually any device that charge's by USB
PhoneSuit PS-CORE120 Power Core Max Charger, 2.1 A - 12,000 mAh, Black
Item : 293134 / Model : PSCORE120
  • Output: 2.1A
  • Compatible with iPad, iPhone, iPod, Netbook, Blackberry or Android based smartphone
  • High capacity 12,000mAh Lithium Ion Battery
PhoneSuit PS-CC-12 Nano Dual USB Car Charger, 2.1 A
Item : 293133 / Model : PSCC12
  • Black
  • Output: 10W, 2.1A
  • Compatible with most Smartphones, eReaders, and Tablets
PhoneSuit PS-MICRO2-A Flex Pocket Charger For iPhone 4/4S, Black
Item : 293139 / Model : PSMICRO2A
  • Black
  • DC OUT: 5V at 1A
  • Compatible with iPhone 4/4S
PhoneSuit PSMICRO2B Flex Pocket Charger for Android Phones, 5V - 2600 mAh, Silver
Item : 293140 / Model : PSMICRO2B
  • Silver
  • Output: 5V, 1A
  • Compatible with Android Smartphones and Tablets