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Skin Markers

Skin Markers- Accurate and Non-IrritatingSkin markers provide a safe and accurate way to mark the skin to show the location for medical procedures and piercings. Choose sterile, nontoxic, latex-free markers to reduce the risk of infection and allergic reaction. Medical-grade gentian violet ink is non-irritating for your patients' comfort.AccurateChoose fine-tip skin markers to accurately mark the location of body piercings. Mark the exact piercing site with the client's approval, and complete the piercing with confidence for better customer satisfaction. Skin markers with included sterile, medical-grade rulers accurately mark surgical incision sites to minimize errors and reduce stress in patients and hospital staff.SafeMedical-grade ink is sterile and has antifungal properties to reduce the risk of infections. Use latex-free ink to minimize the risk of allergic reactions in patients, customers, and health care workers. Maintain the sterility of your markings by donning sterile vinyl gloves before marking patients. Non-IrritatingGentian violet ink is non-irritating and nontoxic for safe use on all areas of the body. Choose this biocompatible ink for use at incision and piercing sites where the ink is likely to come into contact with deeper tissues. Medical-grade skin markers mark without tattooing, even when the skin is broken at the inked site.Long LifeSkin markers with large reservoirs last for a long time, offering smooth lines and more time between marker changes. Mark confidently with long-lasting pens that provide a constant ink flow to create marks that stay in place until you remove them. Bulk packages of long-lasting skin markers store easily, save money, and reduce the time spent reordering and restocking.


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