Wound Care

Start the healing process of office-related injuries with wound care supplies that help you bandage and treat open cuts, sores, edemas, fungal infections, and burns with a variety of bandages, creams, gauze pads, tape, applicators, wound cleansers, and sterile treatment trays.

A Variety of Bandage Sizes
Dress minor wounds or large venous leg ulcers with a variety of bandage sizes. You can stock your bandage drawer with individually wrapped adhesive bandages, compression bandages, and elastic bandages that provide protection and support during the healing process. Self-adhesive bandages and netting are perfect for sprains, fractures, or holding down gauze pads on open wounds.

Comforting Creams
Rashes, fungal infections, irritated skin, and chafing can be treated with comforting creams that contain zinc oxide, anti-fungal preparations, or anti-itch ingredients. Dressings can be treated with anti-itch lotions to keep the skin moisturized and comfortable while allowing the wound to heal. Antiseptic preparations containing zinc oxide prevent germ proliferation and are ideal for patients with latex allergies. Treat superficial fungal infections with anti-fungal creams containing miconazole nitrate, which are easy to apply directly to the skin or onto a bandage.

Easy Application
Flexible materials allow you to apply bandages and wraps with ease over gauze pads and under casts. The bandages can be easily removed for redressing and to apply creams needed to relieve itching and irritation. Many of the bandages come in economical rolls that are easy to unwrap and apply to injuries that may be difficult to wrap.

Long-Lasting Moisture
Hydrocolloid bandages provide a protective, occlusive barrier that can stay on the wound for up to seven days. The bandages offer non-traumatic removal to make replacement more efficient.