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256GB Solid State Drives

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Computer users in search of high-speed data storage should consider a solid state drive. These products come in a range of sizes, are compatible with most desktop and laptop systems and are much faster than traditional hard disks. Staples carries general-purpose 256GB solid state drives from manufacturers such as SanDisk, Samsung and Data Locker as well as storage accessories from computer manufacturers such as HP and Lenovo.

A Fast Storage Option
Offering speeds up to 28 times faster than hard disks, SSDs improve the performance of most computers. Most products have read and write speeds of 500 to 550 megabytes per second, and some models read and write data even faster, up to 2,200 megabytes per second reading and 900 megabytes per second writing.

Choose 256GB SSDs to Optimize System Storage
While these devices have relatively small capacities when compared to the hard drives available today, they still have enough room to handle moderate storage needs, and their very compact size makes them an excellent choice for lightweight devices such as Ultrabooks. An SSD with 256GB of space stores about 4,000 MP3 music files or 8,000 photos and also has plenty of space to hold your computer's operating system. Using an SSD as a system drive reduces startup times and enhances overall performance because the operating system is never kept waiting for critical data.

Diverse Connection Options
Solid state drives have varied shapes and different connections, depending on their intended purpose. The most common type, 2.5-inch SATA drives, fit the same enclosures as hard disks, making it easy to replace an existing drive. Portable SSDs have a hard enclosure to protect them from damage and a USB 3.0 or faster connection for plug-and-play access with most computers. They're an excellent way to transfer files between computers or back up critical system data. PCIe, mSATA and M.2 drives are much smaller and have connectors that plug into the computer system's motherboard. They're commonly used as storage in systems with space constraints such as laptops or Ultrabooks.

Reliable and Efficient Performance
Because they have no moving parts, solid state drives are more robust than traditional hard disks. They also use less power overall, and some support DevSleep mode. These drives enter a standby state that draws just a tiny amount of energy, and they return to a full power condition very quickly when needed. DevSleep-enabled devices are ideal for laptops since they can significantly enhance system battery life.

Most SSDs also support S.M.A.R.T. technology and TRIM commands. S.M.A.R.T. monitors the device's status and alerts you to potential failures, often before they happen. TRIM commands optimize drive performance by reducing the write cycles needed to erase unneeded files. Information marked as deleted using TRIM is unrecoverable, which enhances data security too.

Secure Storage for Critical Data
Data security is a common concern for computer users, and SSDs have features that ensure stored information is secure. Many products include hardware AES encryption that provides password protection for user data. Select products also meet the standards outlined by the Opal Storage Specification, which defines access control and authentication features that enhance data security and ensure device interoperability.

SSDs are a compact, reliable and secure data storage option for home and business users. Enhance your computer's performance with a 256GB solid state drive from Staples.