3" Binders

3-inch binders are beefy organizers for multi-class notes and multi-faceted business records. Several manufacturers make name-brand binders in this size. They also come in a variety of styles, colors, materials, covers and sheet capacities, holding anywhere from 300 to 1,000 separate pages of paper. Staples carries options from brands like Avery and JAM Paper.

3-Inch Binders vs. Smaller Sizes
This large binder holds a lot of material. If you're a student, you could choose separate binders for each class, but using a 3-inch binder for all of them means only one to carry around and remember to take home. If you're into art a larger binder will allow you to keep all your sketches in one place. If you're a businessperson, you can get a 3-inch binder for the office material you need on site, at the commuting venue or at home, and keep it all in one place as you travel among the three.

Choose Which 3-Inch Binder Feature Is Important to You
You can get a 3-inch binder in almost any color or pattern as well as several different types of cover materials. Choose either O-rings or D-rings with different locking and opening mechanisms, and styles with or without inside pockets to hold loose paper.

Can You Get a 3-Inch Binder Cover That Reflects Your Style?
The cover of a binder should reflect your personality or the status of your business. If you're a business person, 3-inch binders for the office might have a leather or faux leather cover in black or brown with a burnished or polished finish for a more professional look. If you're a student, get the color or pattern that says you, whether you want one in your school colors or in a bold pattern that lets you carve out your own niche in school. Many 3-inch binders have transparent sleeves on the front and back covers and the spine so you can create your own design, whether big bold labeling or an intricate piece of creative artwork.

How Does a 3-Inch Binder Stand Up to the Elements or Frequent Use?
Covers for 3-inch binders come in a variety of materials that offer different degrees of feel, durability, flexibility and water resistance. You can get covers in acrylic, various polymers, nylon, vinyl, leather and fabric. Under some of these covers you'll find heavy-duty chipboard or paperboard for the ultimate in strength and durability. Some of the covers also have an archival-safe coating that won't stick to paper or smudge ink. Others have an anti-microbial coating to provide a barrier against germs and mildew. Another option is one with a zippered cover you can close to secure your work.

Should You Get an O-Ring or D-Ring 3-Inch Binder?
D-rings hold about 25 percent more paper than O-ring models since their straight side gives them more area. Some ring arrangements, both O- and D-rings, have them attached to the back cover rather than the spine, giving you more room for sheets but also letting you open your binder fully on any flat surface. Both types of rings have simple opening and locking mechanisms with thumb levers at the bottom or top of the ring spine. Some mechanisms have integrated features that let you open and close the rings at the touch of a fingertip, making them convenient to use and easy on your hands.