3M Sponges

With the right cleansers and tools for every room, it’s easy to keep an office or home germ-free. 3M sponges fit all cleaning needs, from occasional spills to daily heavy-duty scrubbing. With Staples® listings, find optimal cleaning supplies for each task.

Choose the Right 3M Sponges for Any Cleaning Task
Keeping a variety of 3M scrubbing sponges on hand lets you choose the optimal tool every time. Commercial cellulose sponges are a popular all-purpose option. They are strong enough to handle most messes and routine cleaning needs, but not abrasive enough to scratch delicate surfaces. For dried-on spills and sticky messes, medium-duty or heavy-duty 3M cleaning pads are ideal. They cut through grease and grime quickly. Heavy-duty sponges and scouring pads are convenient for the most difficult messes, but they’re too abrasive for easily scratched surfaces.

3M Sponges and Scrubbing Tools Keep Bathrooms and Kitchens Tidy
Bathrooms and kitchens have specific cleaning needs, and 3M products aim to provide options for these rooms. Floor care sponges keep heavily used floors shining. With 3M sponges in various colors, it’s easy to have separate tools for every room of the home or office. This feature minimizes the spread of germs between rooms.

3M Sponges Come in a Variety of Materials and Colors
Part of selecting the right cleaning tool is knowing which material is most effective on each surface. Soft sponges, which are safe on every type of surface, use cellulose and polymeric foam. Medium-duty sponges use natural and synthetic fibers. Heavy-duty sponges utilize synthetic fibers and scouring materials. Each type of sponge has a different color, making it easy to grab the right sponge for every task.

Are There Bulk Ordering Options for 3M Sponges?
Bulk ordering is a convenient feature for cleaning companies, large corporations, and those who often take on heavy-duty cleaning tasks. Most packages include between 3 and 10 sponges or cleaning pads. Bulk packages have up to 40 sponges, making it easy to keep the cleaning closet fully stocked. Many options are part of Staples Auto Restock, which automatically sends supplies on a schedule, saving time.

Do 3M Sponges Work with Pad Holders?
Many 3M scrubbing sponges fit 3M pad holders. These holders minimize direct contact with dirty sponges, keeping hands clean and free of harsh chemicals. Sponges that fit 3M holders have threaded sockets that attach directly to pad holders. This feature allows users to apply more force to demanding cleaning tasks.

How Large are 3M Sponges?
There are slight variations in sponge measurements. Many cleaning pads measure 4.25 x 6 inches. Some smaller sponges measure just 3.5 x 5 inches. Large cleaning pads are ideal for floor cleaning. These products measure approximately 4.5 x 10 inches.

Are There Eco-Friendly 3M Sponges?
3M has a line of biodegradable sponges that utilize natural fibers. These products are a convenient and environmentally friendly alternative to paper towels. These products feature recycled materials, reducing your carbon footprint. They are as durable and reusable as sponges made from synthetic materials.