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Home or Small Office Use
Accent desks combine spacious work surfaces and storage for documents and accessories with attractive finishes and unique designs. Create a home office in an unused corner of a bedroom or kitchen, add a functional work area for guests to an office waiting room, or turn a conference room into a multifunction workspace. Find a compact desk that meets your home or office needs when you explore the selection of office furniture and home decor available at Staples®.

Find Accent Desks To Fit Most Spaces
Desks are a central feature of traditional offices, but they also have a place in other interior spaces. These products come with many finish and style options, making it easy to find a desk that matches your existing decor. Wood desks add natural warmth and beauty to living areas, while furniture with metal trim and solid color laminate surfaces are an ideal choice for a modern home or office conference area. Wall-mounted desks provide a writing area and storage for documents and supplies without taking up precious floor space. They're an excellent option for a condo or kitchen. Select models also fold away when they're not in use, further reducing their footprint.

Use Accent Desks to Add Useful Space to Any Room
A compact desk is more than a decorative object; it's also a functional piece of furniture. In addition to providing a writing surface, many models have sliding trays that hold a keyboard or laptop. Storage drawers and shelves keep household documents, recipes, receipts, and office accessories organized. Units with locking drawers secure sensitive personal information, and built-in corkboard panels put reminders, keepsakes, and photos front and center.

How Big Are Accent Desks?
These products are typically smaller than traditional desks. Most have a writing surface that's 36 to 48 inches wide, 10 to 24 inches deep, and 30 to 32 inches high. A wall-mounted desk lack legs. Hang it 30 to 32 inches above the floor and pair it with a chair, or choose a higher mounting point and use it as an ergonomic standing desk.

Where Should You Place Accent Desks?
When selecting a desk, consider the available space in the room. Leave about 30 inches of open space in front of the writing surface to allow room for a chair, more if the desk is in a walkway or busy area. Using a slim, straight desk along a wall minimizes the amount of room required. A corner desk is a good way to turn unused space into a practical work area. Some small desks are part of furniture collections that include multiple pieces with coordinated finishes. These products make it simple to add an extra storage unit to a work area or create a consistent look in a living room or den.

Can You Use a Computer on Accent Desks?
While these desks are smaller than traditional products, many include trays that keep laptops and keyboards organized and still slide out of the way when the computer is not in use. Built-in cable management reduces desktop clutter and provides convenient access to charging cables for cell phones and other devices.

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