Acer Desktop Computers

Available in configurations suitable for home and business use, ACER® desktop computers deliver the power needed to handle simple and complex computing tasks. These products include traditional tower systems with plenty of space for expansion, space-saving all-in-one and mini-tower systems, and budget-friendly refurbished computers. Discover the many features and options offered by Acer desktops when you explore the laptop and desktop computers available at Staples®.

Enjoy the Performance Offered by Acer Desktop Computers
Acer desktops feature AMD® and Intel® processors that deliver the computing power needed to handle everything from web browsing to challenging scientific or business calculations. Most desktops have between 8 and 32GB of RAM, enough memory to run multiple applications simultaneously. Graphics processors from Intel and AMD deliver exceptional movie playback and gaming graphics performance. Select systems support three or four monitors, giving dedicated multi-taskers plenty of display space.

Acer Desktop Computers Provide Practical Storage and Communications
People use their computers for more than data processing. They also watch movies, play games, and listen to music. Acer products have 256 to 512GB solid state drives or 1 to 2TB hard disks that hold personal data files, thousands of photos, or hours of music and movies. Many models have DVD-RW drives that make it simple to play disc-based movies or create custom music CDs. Multiple USB ports provide connections for accessories such as mice, keyboards, thumb drives, or headphones, and card readers transfer data from devices such as smartphones, video recorders, or digital cameras.

Most Acer desktops have high-speed Ethernet ports and built-in 802.11ac Wi-Fi® adapters, so it's easy to connect to a private network or the internet from almost any location. Models with Bluetooth® capabilities work with wireless accessories such as speakers or headphones. Select Acer products also have a built-in Qi charger that can wirelessly recharge compatible portable devices.

What Are the Advantages of Refurbished Acer Desktop Computers?
The primary benefit of a refurbished computer system is its reduced up-front cost. While refurbished systems are used computers, they've also had broken or damaged components replaced and offer the same performance as comparable new units. Refurbished systems are an excellent option for a child's first computer or low-demand users.

What Operating System Do Acer Desktop Computers Use?
Most models come with the versatile Microsoft® Windows® operating system, which combines a user-friendly interface with touchscreen and voice control features. Desktops for business feature the Pro version of Windows, which has networking and security features IT professionals can use to manage multiple computers efficiently. Systems for home use come with Windows Home. It provides the same working environment as Windows Pro but simplifies device management. Select Acer products run Chrome OS™, a lightweight operating system optimized for cloud computing. Chrome-based systems are ideal for users who access their files from multiple devices, since it stores all data in the cloud.

What Are the Differences Between All-in-one and Mini-tower Acer Desktop Computers?
Both of these systems are smaller than a standard desktop case, but they take different approaches to shrinking their physical footprint. An all-in-one computer combines the monitor and system unit. A mini-tower system is a scaled down tower case. All-in-one units take up less space but have limited expansion options. Mini-tower cases require a separate monitor, and most have room for an extra hard drive or computer card. Traditional tower cases have the biggest physical footprint, but they also have plenty of space for additional hardware.