Adapters & Connectors

Increase the effectiveness of the respiratory machines you use in your medical office with a wide range of adapters and connectors. Shop for connectors that work with breathing masks your patients might use at home. Look for adapters that you can use with multiple patients on your own machines too.

For Patients With Allergies
Connectors and adapters are suitable for patients with allergies to latex. A latex allergy can cause an itchy or painful rash and make breathing difficult. These products are safe to use with those patients as the adapters and connectors contain no latex.

Oxygen Concentrators and Tubing
Look for adapters that you can use with oxygen concentrators, oxygen masks, and other types of respiratory systems. You can use an adapter to connect different sizes of tubing to an oxygen machine or mask, but you can also find connectors that let you connect multiple tubes to one machine.

Multiple Packaging Options
Select the right size packaging to best meet the needs of your practice. A smaller package of just five connectors might work well if you see few patients with breathing problems throughout the week. If you see more patients, opt for a package with 25 to 50 connectors.

Help More Patients
Prevent patients from infecting each other with disposable connectors and adapters. Made from lightweight plastic and other disposable materials, the adaptors let you use one with each patient and throw away the adapter after your examination. You can also send the products home with your patients to use with their own breathing machines and respiratory systems.