Adult Briefs

Adult briefs provide discreet care for patients who are in a bedridden capacity or experiencing various degrees of incontinence. Choose from a range of absorbency levels to suit needs from light to overnight coverage. Various sizes ensure a perfect fit for every patient.

Bedridden Patients
Ensure that bedridden patients rest in comfort by utilizing adult briefs in place of catheters and bedpans. Cloth-like construction ensures softness against sensitive skin, and latex-free options suit patients with skin allergies. Odor control helps the patient feel more confident when entertaining visitors or between changes.

Incontinence Issues
For those patients suffering from incontinence, adult briefs afford the opportunity to enjoy an active lifestyle without embarrassment. Adult briefs fit discreetly beneath your clothing, allowing you to be comfortable and confident without others knowing you're even wearing them. These absorbent briefs protect your clothing from wetness and odor when incontinence issues do occur.

Disposable Convenience
For patients who cannot leave their beds, adult briefs allow attendants to clean the patient efficiently and easily with disposable washcloths or wipes. Adult briefs are disposable, providing a sanitary cleaning experience with minimal mess. For those with incontinence, adult briefs can be discreetly changed and disposed of during a quick trip to the nearest restroom.

Adult briefs are available in a wide range of absorbency levels to suit the varying needs of every patient. Moderate absorbency levels help patients with mild incontinence who are able to change briefs frequently or want protection from accidents and leaks. Heavy-absorbency and extended-wear adult briefs provide long-lasting wetness protection and odor control for patients with severe incontinence issues or those using their briefs for overnight wear.