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Air Fresheners & Deodorizers

Eliminate odors and deodorize large and small spaces with fragrant air fresheners. A variety of applications are available, such as plug-ins and sprays, to neutralize odors and create an ambiance in nearly every type of home, school, and workspace. Disinfectant deodorizers help eliminate viruses and bacteria from soft and hard surfaces, which is useful in high-traffic areas to prevent the spread of germs. Staples has a large selection of scented room fresheners, as well as an extensive selection of cleaning supplies, to give almost every type of space a clean and delightful aroma.

Consider the benefits of using room deodorizers
Ensure guests, clients, and friends can enjoy a pleasant scent in the home and office. Disinfectant applications come in different styles, such as mists and sprays, and promote clean environments inside classrooms and offices. A variety of aromatic scents, like Pure Ocean Breeze and Paradise Retreat, establish the ambiance at themed beach parties and other events hosted by organizations, clubs, and other community associations. Small handheld bathroom sprays quickly and easily remove odor from the air and leave small areas, such as employee restrooms and portable toilets, with a fresh scent for the next occupant.

Choose specific air fresheners for the task
Automatic dispensers release bursts of refreshing and invigorating aromas throughout the day, and the units last up to three months when placed on a low setting. The convenient fresheners use refillable cartridges that are easy to install when necessary. Durable and lightweight plug-in models have combination scents for day and evening use. The wall units switch between two scented oils and provide alternate aromas for you to enjoy. Decorative jars of plant-based gel beads neutralize air with essential oils, and the units last for up to 60 days. The gel beads are safe to use around pets and children, but always read product labels to ensure safety.

How do room deodorizers prevent the spread of germs?
Disinfectant sprays kill germs on contact and work on fabrics, hard surfaces, furniture, and many other places. The sprays quickly dissolve on surfaces and help prevent the spread of infection in homes, offices, schools, and high-traffic areas like gymnasiums and cafeterias.

Are there alternative uses for room deodorizers?
Fresheners are available in a variety of applications for large and small areas, such as closets and laundry rooms, but also work well inside vehicles for a long-lasting and pleasant aroma that complements any road trip. Consider compact, lightweight, 2-ounce adhesive discs that secure to flat surfaces easily inside mudrooms, bathrooms, laundry bins, and other tiny spaces for freshness that lasts for up to 30 days. Deodorizers come in double packs, which makes it convenient to replace the old freshener with a new one and keep the same scent.

Where are popular places air fresheners are used?
Room deodorizers are present in many public and private places. Create an ambiance in classrooms and reading circles with plug-in fresheners that include a soft light that adds a sense of calm during private reading and story time. Health facilities and hospitals purchase disinfectant deodorizers and wipes in bulk to promote a clean and sterile environment for patrons and patients.