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Browse the wide selection of dehumidifiers at Staples® to find the right model to reduce humidity levels in the office or home. In addition to the clammy feel of the air in the room, high humidity can also cause musty odors, promote mold and mildew growth, and trigger allergic reactions and asthma attacks. To prevent these outcomes, a dehumidifier lowers humidity levels by extracting moisture from circulating air.

Consider the Right Dehumidifiers for a Location
When classified by mode of operation, there are two popular types of dehumidifiers: mechanical and desiccant models. Mechanical units have compressors and remove moisture by the same principles used by refrigerators. They draw in moist air and pass it over a cold coil to remove its water content. The dry air then moves over a warm coil before recirculating back into the room. A desiccant dehumidifier exposes humid air to a drying agent like silica gel and zeolite. A heating element regenerates the drying agent by heating it to remove absorbed water into a removable tank. Desiccant models are more efficient at low temperatures while mechanical units are better for rooms with high humidity.

Features to Look for When Comparing Dehumidifiers
Key features to consider include humidistat, controls, timer, air filter, automatic defrost, and automatic restart. A humidistat has a sensor that detects humidity level and can automatically start and stop the appliance which cuts down on energy use. A programmable timer can also reduce energy consumption by running the unit during off-peak hours and shutting it down when it's not needed. To improve air quality while removing moisture, choose a dehumidifying unit with a washable filter that is easy to clean. Automatic defrost gets rid of ice buildup inside the appliance during cold days. Automatic restart is an important feature for areas where power outages are common.

How Do You Pick the Right Sizes of Dehumidifiers for Your Rooms?
Manufacturers quote capacities for dehumidifying appliances in pints of moisture removed per day. A small model usually has a capacity of 25 to 40 pints, while mid-sized units have capacities between 40 and 50 pints. Large units can remove up to 70 pints of moisture per day. To pick a dehumidifier of the right size, consider the area you wish to cover and the level of humidity in the room. For example, a small model can lower humidity in a slightly or moderately damp 300 square-foot room. Get a medium-capacity unit if the room is very damp or wet. Generally, the size of dehumidifying unit required increases with the size and dampness of a room.

Are Dehumidifiers Noisy?
Some are quite noisy while most hum along at volumes that do not drown out conversations. Mechanical models are usually louder than desiccant ones because they move air with motor-driven compressors and fans. The typical dehumidifying unit has a noise level between 40 and 50 decibels.

What Is the Difference Between AHAM and Saturation Tests for Dehumidifiers?
AHAM or Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers agreed on 60 percent humidity and 80 degrees Fahrenheit as the testing conditions for dehumidifying appliances. The standard assumes these to be the average temperate and humidity level in homes and offices that need dehumidifying units. Saturation testing is more stringent and calls for calculating the capacity of a dehumidifier in space with 100 percent humidity regardless of its temperature.

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