All Fasteners

Use different types and designs of all fasteners when you want to hang decorations at home or around your office. Also suitable for tightening loose screws and repairing or replacing hardware, fasteners have dozens of other uses. Keep the right fasteners on hand for future odd jobs at home or work.

Multiple Designs
Browse the different designs and styles of fasteners to find the right one for the job at hand. Eye nuts, hex nuts, nails, screws, washers, and fasteners have plenty of uses around your house and at work. Use tool sets with fasteners to take care of simple repair jobs at home or at the office.

Tighten Loose Screws
Tighten loose screws and keep them from slipping in the future with washers designed specifically for an assortment of jobs. Washers hold the screws tightly against the surface and prevent the screw from loosening later. Other types of fasteners help anchor the screw in place.

Decorate Spaces
Add a more decorative touch to any space with decorative nails and other fasteners. With decorative heads on the top, these nails work in the same ways as traditional nails, but catch the eye and bring attention to a piece of furniture or item that you use the nails on.

Ease of Use
Expedite repair jobs as fast as possible with easy-to-use fasteners. Some fasteners slip right over a screw or nail before hammering or tightening into place. Use the fasteners to anchor objects you hang on the wall, to tighten loose screws, and for dozens of other uses around the home or office.