Ampad Notepads

When the ideas start flowing, it's important to have a reliable pen and notebook nearby. With the assortment of Ampad notebooks at Staples, users can jot down every thought on attractive, sturdy paper.

White and Color Pages Offer Options
Notebooks from this brand are made in dozens of colors, suiting all color preferences and note-taking styles. Those who prefer classic white or canary yellow paper have options in various sizes and layouts. Other notebooks have brightly colored paper, pastel paper or unique combinations of page colors and line colors. This is ideal for an office setting, since colored notebooks make color coding a quick and simple task.

Different Page Layouts to Suit Any Task
Everyone thinks in a different way, and these notebooks are tailored to various sketching, writing and outlining options. Those with large handwriting have plenty of space with wide-ruled notepads. Users with smaller handwriting often prefer the clean layout of legal ruled pages. Steno pads are optimal for list makers, since each page is divided into two equal-size columns. Certain notebooks have uninterrupted horizontal lines, while others have a single vertical line for a built-in margin.

Durable Construction Lasts Through Numerous Jobs
Notebooks are necessary for many industries and work settings, so they must be able to withstand plenty of wear and tear. Whether you take your Ampad notepad to a building site, keep it on your desk or toss it in a bag for on-the-go notes, it stands up to heavy use. Most notepads feature chipboard backing, which offers a flat writing surface and prevents unintended bends. Some notepad models have heavy 20-pound paper, a feature that is ideal for users who rely on gel pens. Others use standard writing paper for a streamlined design.

What Notepad Sizes Are Available?
This brand produces notebooks in a wide range of sizes to suit different tasks, work areas and user preferences. Standard notebooks that fit on clipboards measure 8.5 x 11.75 inches. More compact options include 6 x 9 inch and 3 x 5-inch notebooks. These notepad models are convenient for storing in pockets, purses and briefcases.

What Specialized Notepad Models Does Ampad Make?
Some users need more guidance in their outlining and writing, which is why this company offers specialized notepad designs. The to-do notebook offers 50 sheets of to-do lists that divide tasks into those that must be done now and those that can be done later. Professionals who share notes benefit from notebooks with perforated pages. Reporters' notepad options are longer and narrower for rapid note taking. The project planner pad helps professionals sketch out projects, organize tasks and brainstorm details.

Which Binding Types Do Ampad Notebooks Have?
A selection of notebooks from this brand are spiral-bound. Other options have gum binding, including those that have perforated pages.

No matter which task or idea you have in mind, there is a notepad that can help you lay out your thoughts and take easy-to-follow notes. Use Staples listings to sort notepad models by size, binding and paper color.
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