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Arc Notebook Systems
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Staples Arc notebook systems help planners stay organized. They work with specialized refill pages and unique accessories, so users can customize their books for all sorts of tasks. At home, in class and at work, these notebooks are perfect office supplies for easily organizing complex notes.

Arc System Notebooks to Protect the Pages
With a choice between leather and poly notebooks, there are plenty of ways to protect internal pages. Leather covers offer a professional look, and they withstand everyday usage for years. Poly covers resist tears as well, and they're available in a variety of colors. The Arc system works with 8.5 x 11 inch notebook paper and with smaller legal notebooks. Multiple size options ensure the user has enough room to write without carrying too much paper. Some of these Arc system notebooks already have lined paper and accessories inside.

Filler Paper to Suit Your Needs
Wide-ruled notebook paper gives writers more room on every line. These pages often work well for students who want to work on penmanship, those with large handwriting and those who plan to add additional notes later. College-ruled filler paper packs more lines onto every sheet. This style of paper works well for those with small handwriting and those who want to fit more notes on a single page. Arc organizational systems accept other types of filler paper as well. Event and activity planners use project-planning sheets to set goals and track progress. Those who need to plot diagrams use graph filler paper to create precise drawings. Graph paper also helps with proportions, which allows for more detail in hand-drawn graphs and charts. Schedule paper provides another way to track goals. These sheets have weekly and monthly calendars for schedule and to-do list management.

Accessories to Customize the Experience
Accessories help users sort pages for faster callback. They fit directly inside the notebook systems, and they're made to work with all types of filler paper. Dividers fit between segments so users can turn directly to the desired section without scanning other pages. Sticky flags rest on specific pages like bookmarks for important notes. Other labels and tags stick onto pages permanently. These mark folders and dividers with important information to save time for anyone who scans through them.

Opening and Closing the Arc Notebook System
Every part of this notebook system changes to suit the needs of the user. Its bindings unhook for paper refills, and expansion disks allow for even more room. These disks increase the width of the notebook so more paper fits inside. The system accepts other types of inserts as well. It works with a desktop punch, which adds holes to computer paper so the sheets can fit into the Arc organizational system.

The Staples Arc system sorts important information for maximum usability and convenience. It adapts to fit your needs, with optional page refills and accessories for customization. Whether you want to take notes at a meeting or plan a complex project for your team, Staples has Arc system notebooks and accessories to keep you organized, whether your're shopping for back to school supplies or other items.