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DMI® 10" x 4 1/4" Emesis Basin, BlueDMI® 10" x 4 1/4" Emesis Basin, Blue
Item #276665
Model #541-5077-0000
  • Size: 10" x 4 1/4"
  • Latex free
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Bedside basins & bags are an important part of the nursing staff's toolkit in a wide range of settings from hospitals and private clinics to home health care. Include a stock of disposable emesis bags and basins in your medical bag, or use them as part of your first aid kit for travel and at home.

Nursing Essentials for Hospitals and Clinics
Disposable emesis bags and portable bedside basins are essential equipment in any health care setting, including private clinics, hospitals, old age homes, and residential care facilities. Emesis bags are made using latex-free materials, and many feature a drawstring tie for easy sealing and disposal. Use specially marked bedside basins & bags to monitor emesis amounts for diagnostic purposes.

Home Birth and Maternity Care
Portable bedside basins, emesis bags, Sits baths, and bedpans are crucial components of any doula or midwife's toolkit. Choose from a variety of hospital-grade, latex-free disposable bags, and basins, all of which are lightweight and easy to carry. Useful in a variety of maternity-related situations from first-term nausea to labor and delivery, emesis bags are crucial to patient care and well-being. Portable beside bidets and Sits baths are also available for post-delivery maternal care.

Air Travel and Road Trip Emergencies
Whether you are on a family trip abroad or on a road trip with your friends, disposable emesis bags can come in handy. Keep a stock of them in your carry-on luggage or seat pocket when flying. Take some along in your first aid kit when you go on a long road trip or a school field trip. Make sure that you also have some in your home medicine cabinet so that you're always ready to handle medical emergencies or illnesses.