Beds & Bedside Care

Get your medical office up and running quickly with bed pans, privacy screens, basins, and dressing trays. Disposable supplies also make it easy to provide care for patients confined to their homes. Ensure patient comfort and privacy with products from AliMed, DMI, and other trusted brands.

Disposal medical supplies make it easy to manage the costs of running a medical practice. Whether you are a partner or a sole proprietor, you'll find disposable cups, bedside basins, bed pans, and urinals at affordable prices. Keep your home health business profitable by choosing affordable supplies from well-known manufacturers.

Improved Safety
Reusing supplies increases the risk of infection, even if you sterilize the supplies with an autoclave or specialty prep pads. Protect patients and employees against infectious organisms by purchasing wash basins, cups, and other supplies intended for a single use. Mattresses and mattress pads intended for multiple uses have easy-to-clean surfaces, reducing the risk of transmitting harmful organisms from one person to another.

Don't run the risk of running out of supplies when you need them most. Stock up on beds and bedside care supplies to ensure everyone in your practice has the tools they need to provide quality medical care. Ensure home-bound patients always have the supplies they need by furnishing home health nurses and aides with disposable products.

Patient Comfort
Make patients more comfortable by using mattress pads and mattress overlays to cushion hard surfaces. If you have open treatment bays instead of private rooms, give patients the privacy they need with sturdy privacy screens. Put medications, food, and beverages within easy reach by setting up over-the-bed tables in each exam room.