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Bell glides make floors and carpets last longer by preventing scratches caused by moving furniture. These protective accessories attach to the feet of chairs, tables, sofas, cupboards, and filing cabinets. They minimize scuff marks on hard floors by cushioning the feet of furniture and also make them glide smoothly on carpeted floors. Staples® carries a good selection of furniture glides from different brands.

Choose From Different Types of Bell Glides
Besides protecting floors, glides are also useful for dampening the noise made by moving furniture. The replacement of office chair casters offers both of these benefits. Some also use glides to raise the height of low furniture. One way of differentiating these accessories is by design and how they fit the undersides of furniture. When categorized in this way, there are three major types available: push-in, screw-in, and tap-in chair glides.

A push-in model is the easiest to install. It usually has a pin or peg that goes into a pre-cut hole underneath the furniture leg. Tap-in glides are similar in design but have nails rather than pegs. Installation requires nailing them into the feet of furniture. Screw-in glides are the most elaborate but are also the least likely to fall off. These attach to special mounts on the furniture via threaded stems.

Consider Build Material and Floor Type When Shopping for Bell Glides
Another way of classifying glides is by the build material of the part that touches the floor. Most of these furniture accessories have steel, nylon, and felt pads. Nylon is the most popular option. It is suitable for all types of flooring except hardwood floors. To avoid scuff marks on hardwood, choose felt glides. The soft, mat-like texture of felt does not mark or wear away wood floors. Felt is also good for vinyl floors but performs poorly on concrete, ceramic tiles, carpet, and rubber flooring. While gentler, felt caps wear faster than other types of chair glides. They also pick up dirt easily. Steel is the strongest and most durable glide material. They are excellent on carpets, noisy on hard floors, and acceptable on vinyl and linoleum floors.

Are There Rubber Bell Glides?
Yes. Rubber glides are almost as rugged as steel ones and a lot quieter. They also are unlikely to leave scuff marks on floors. However, they get sticky and make it harder to push furniture across floors.

Which Bell Glides Are Best for Wet Floors?
Wet floors can shorten the lifespan of felt and steel glides. Prolonged and repeated exposure to damp floors ruins the fine fibers of felt and may cause steel to rust. For furniture placed in areas with a high likelihood of moisture, choose nylon or rubber glides, which are strong, waterproof materials.

Should You Consider Plastic Bell Glides?
Glides made of plastic are more affordable than those made of other materials. Pick them for classroom chairs and rental seats. Plastic is a lightweight and waterproof material with a smooth texture. However, it is not as durable as options like steel and rubber. Plastic glides are usually simple stick-on units. They are also available as caps for furniture legs.
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