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Benches & Beam Seating

If you regularly have customers or partners waiting for appointments or to be served, comfortable seating is a must. Add a plush sofa or minimalist bench to a lobby or hallway for visitors' convenience. These simple designs work well with a variety of decor themes.

Additional Storage

Many of these bench seating options include hidden storage space. Put the bench in your office or reception area to store cleaning or office supplies or a few magazines to pass the time. Hidden storage prevents clutter in waiting areas, which projects a clean, tidy, and professional appearance. This extra space also reduces the need for shelving and obvious storage compartments where visitors can see.

Comfortable Seating

Add a homey touch to your business with plush, comfortable cushions. Loveseats and sofas feature soft cushions on the seat, back, and arms, so anyone waiting for an appointment stays comfortable. Put one or two in the break room to give workers a break from sitting at desks and in office chairs. During long shifts, soft seating is a good place for a brief power nap so that you can get back to work full of energy and enthusiasm after lunch.

Compact Design

Benches eliminate arms and backs, so they take up much less room. By using compact seating, you can easily fit in other comfortable furniture options such as accent chairs and club chairs. Use small seating options to get maximum comfort without cluttering the room with oversized furniture. Compact designs allow air and light to flow through even small rooms, providing a relaxed feeling of space.

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