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Maple Benches & Beam Seating

Maple benches are durable, which makes them a good choice for the home or office. Depending on a bench's length, it seats anywhere from two to 10 or more guests. Whether decor calls for a bench with or without backs or arms, it's simple to find one that looks and fits right in the space.

Beam Seating: Evolution of the Bench
Beam seating, as opposed to bench seating, provides individual chairs along a central support. This provides individual seats for a sense of personal space while anchoring the seating itself for easy cleanup and decorating. Maple beam seating often has a typical chair shape without legs. Instead, the beam supports the chair bodies and has its own leg supports at either end.

Choosing Benches vs. Chairs
Dining benches give you more options when it comes to seating. In the same space that two chairs occupy, a bench supports two to four guests. Benches easily push under the dining table and tuck away when not in use. While chairs require you to pull them out to get up or sit down, you can slide onto a bench or step over it to sit since there typically is no back. Benches double as low, decorative tables or extra stand-alone seating. Benches have different depths than chairs, and thinner benches deliver a space-saving creative solution for compact spaces that need plenty of seating.

Why Choose Maple Bench or Maple Beam Seating?
Maple bench options come in a variety of sizes ideal for spaces around the home or office, from entryways to long dinner tables or custom decks. Bench seating allows people to choose their seats and to take up as much space as they need, while beam seating has distinct individual chairs, usually from two to 10, on one mount. Choose to have arms between each seat or only on the ends.

What Are the Benefits of Maple?
Maple wood stands up to heavy use for both benches and beam seats. It has a consistent grain that produces a uniform color and texture. Maple pieces have a glossy finish because of the ease at which maple sands. Maple comes in warm tones, and it soaks up stains easily, making any stain consistent and color rich. Paint works on maple wood, too, because it has a smooth texture that accepts the paint evenly. Maple also is more sturdy than many other kinds of wood.

What Bench Styles Are There?
Indoor and outdoor benches have different styles and designs. Outside benches typically have slatted designs to allow water to easily pass through the wood while also permitting the wood to swell and shrink when wet or dry. Single-plank benches have a solid seat. These seats sometimes come with upholstery directly on them for extra comfort. Lounge benches have two arm rests and no back. Storage benches have an enclosed, box-like structure and a seat that lifts up so you can store items in the area below the seat. This makes efficient use of small spaces and keeps clutter out of sight.
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SHAIN Art Bench
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