Body Powder

Use body powder suited perfectly to your skin to avoid irritation and treat wounds. Whether you need protection for hands, feet, or sensitive areas, body powder provides an easy way to reduce dryness and protect irritable skin. Choose from several bulk packages so you can get exactly what you need.

Natural and Easy to Rinse Away
Body powders are easy to clean off your skin, clothes, shoes, and surfaces so that cleanup whether at home or on the go stays quick and simple. Natural ingredients, without harsh preservatives or other chemicals, ensure that your personal care remains natural and healthy for both you and for the environment.

Simple Everyday Skin Care
Absorb moisture and strong odors under shoes, clothes, and bandages with Body Power skin care options. Use body powder for a variety of personal needs such as dryness, sensitivity, ulcers, grafted wounds, donor sites, lacerations, and first and second degree burns. Powders are designed for extended wear to reduce inconveniences and any wasted time. For use on children and young sensitive skin, explore options for baby skin care to suit the needs of your child.

Easily Accessible and Transportable
Never be caught in a tight situation without proper skin care. Body powder easily packs into a backpack or suitcase and ensures that no matter where you are, your most important areas receive complete and day-long protection from clothing, bandages, and the elements.

Individual and Bulk Shipping
Choose between a variety of options so that you can get the most for your money. Bulk packages range from packs of 5 to packs of 36.