Personal & Long Term Care

Make it easy for clients to maintain an acceptable level of hygiene by providing them with personal and long-term care products. The wide variety of products ensures you find what you need to keep storage shelves fully stocked. They're good options for hotels, medical facilities, and personal use.

Give New Parents a Head Start
Help new parents care for their infant children by providing them with baby care items, such as bath soap, body lotion, skin oil, and baby powder. Give them infant heel warmers to help promote circulation to cold little feet, or encourage the use of baby power to prevent chafing from diapers and increase the child's comfort. You can give the products away individually or create gift baskets filled with the essential products every parent needs.

Bolster First-Aid Kits
Restock or improve upon existing first-aid kits in your home or business by adding treatment products, such as compress holders, hot and cold packs, and skin ointments. This is an excellent way to keep frequently used items in stock that may not be supplied by the company that services your first-aid kits.

Travel-Friendly Sizes
Many of these personal and long-term care products are available in trial sizes, which is generally the ideal size for use while on the road for a few days. These smaller sizes fit effortlessly in travel bags, beauty bags, and backpacks for easy portability and quick passage through security stations at the airport. Some of the products are marked for resale, so convenience businesses can add another source of income to their bottom lines.