Bottled Water

With a wide variety of bottled water for sale and convenient delivery options, Staples makes it easy to stock the home or office fridge with drinking water or to provide convenient portable beverages to visitors or guests. You may also want to buy bottled water if your home or office tap water has an unpleasant taste or odor. Once on site, cases of water are easy to store and move, and single-serving bottles provide everyone with an individual beverage container.

A Healthy Drink Option

It's a simple fact: everyone needs water to stay healthy. Keeping cases of water in the office fridge may encourage employees to drink more water, which is a healthy choice for everyone, and a cooler full of iced bottles helps keep everyone cool at the beach or a sporting event. When hosting outdoor events, consider offering bottled water for sale as a fundraiser and to ensure everyone stays hydrated. Drinking plenty of water is a great way to prevent getting sick during winter and makes an excellent addition to any cold and flu supplies collection.

Many Available Choices

When you think of bottled water for sale, you usually think of plain water, but it's not the only choice available. Flavored waters offer many of the same taste options as sodas, and most have zero calories. Another option is carbonated water, a fizzy alternative to plain water that also doubles as a mixer when entertaining. Some bottled water suppliers also offer nutrient- and electrolyte-enhanced waters, which are an excellent hydration choice for sports teams or exercise enthusiasts. When you buy bottled water or cases of water, consider purchasing a varied selection so everyone can find something they like.

Bottled Water for Sale: Convenience by the Case

One of the biggest advantages offered by bottled water is convenience. Grabbing a bottle from the fridge when hitting the road or keeping a bottle in a bag or backpack is an excellent way to stay hydrated anywhere. Most bottled water comes in plastic bottles that are lightweight and resealable, so they won't weigh you down or spill. Modern plastics also provide good long-term storage, making them an ideal choice for an emergency water supply in your home. Buying cases of water is a simple way to purchase quantities for large groups, since most cases contain 12 or 24 servings.

Keeping guests and workers hydrated and healthy ensures they stay efficient and productive. Having cases of water on hand ensures a good supply so that there's always enough for everyone.

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