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Nesco 480 Watt Programmable Bread Maker (BDM-110)Nesco 480 Watt Programmable Bread Maker (BDM-110)
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Item #2056926
Model #BDM-110
  • Bread Maker
  • 12 digital preset programs, Delay function up to 13 hours, 60-minute keep warm function, 10-minute auto resume after power loss
Staples offers a range of bread machines, along with other small kitchen appliances, for quick, easy, and controlled baking at home. The essential features to consider when choosing the right bread maker machine to meet your needs include the programmable options, size, noise, kneading paddles, delayed timer, specialty settings, and other added features.

Check the programmable settings
Most programmable options on a bread machine provide full control over the crust color and texture and other kneading and baking preferences. Users can preprogram some machines with options for sweet, gluten-free, French, and whole-wheat bread for easy and convenient baking. Choose a machine with user-friendly programmable options to streamline the baking process and save time and energy.

Select the appropriate size
Bread maker machine sizes of 1 pound and 1.5 pounds work best for couples and small families. Bigger capacities are also available if you bake more frequently and for a larger number of people. Choose a bread machine with multiple size options for different occasions and the number of guests. Compact bread machines are ideal for tight kitchen spaces and small cabinets.

Consider the noise level of the bread machine
Select a sturdier device built with high-quality materials to prevent potential movement and damage from dropping to the floor. Higher-end models make the least noise during mix cycles and are ideal for use with delay timers.

Check the kneading paddles
Choose a bread machine with dual kneading paddles for more effective dough mixing results. Some machines have a replacement kneading paddle specifically for pasta.

Where a single kneading paddle is preferable, it's essential to find one that's removable or collapsible after the kneading cycle to avoid a hole at the bottom of the loaf. Some bread machines have notification settings that allow the user to remove the paddle before a baking cycle begins.

Delayed timer and alarm feature options
The delayed timer feature allows the user to control when the baking cycle begins. Most bread maker machines with digital timers are programmable about 12 hours in advance, and they enable one to track the cooking progress. The alarm feature notifies the user when it's time to add ingredients like nuts and fruits during the baking process to prevent crushing in the mixing cycle.

Consider the specialty settings and added features
When shopping for more than just a simple bread machine, consider models with options for noodles, cake, pizza dough, and bread with seeds and nuts, among other special features. Some machines have extra features, such as time-sensitive automatic dispensers for additional ingredients, to ensure a smooth and controlled baking process. They also include measuring cups and spoons for the precise mixing of the ingredients.

How do you know what crust color to choose?
If you prefer a light and soft crust, select the light cycle option. The darker cycle produces a darker and crispier crust and is also ideal for bread with lots of grain and sweeteners.

Can you use the delayed timer for all of the programs on the bread machine?
It's not recommendable for use with the rapid bake option or perishable products like milk and eggs.

What could it mean if a bread machine does not mix when pressing the start button?
Some machines have a resting period before the mixing cycle. Also, check that you've correctly inserted the bread pan into the machine.