About this product

Collect heavy and sharp industrial waste conveniently with these Coastwide Professional™ 0.6-mil trash bags.

Take care of bulky refuse with these heavy-strength trash bags. The opaque black color keeps the contents hidden from sight to ensure discretion, while the low-density plastic resists stretching to avoid leaks and spills. With a 30 to 33-gallon capacity, these star-sealed Coastwide Professional™ 0.6-mil trash bags provide ample space for garbage, and the 250-count carton meets the demands of busy environments.

  • These 30-33 gal. capacity medium strength bags ideal for all trash applications, including heavy industrial trash
  • Low-density and 0.6 mil thick bags keeps heavy and wet trash and prevents from stretching holes in the bag
  • Contains 250 trash bags per carton
  • Dimensions: 33"H x 33"W
  • Made from linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) in black coloring to keep contents hidden