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Replacement broom heads provide an economical solution for meeting the needs of janitorial departments. With a variety of fiber options that withstand exposure to varying surfaces and solutions, Staples offers a range of cleaning supplies, including brooms with features that make it simple to keep offices, industrial spaces, and customer access areas clean.

Consider Natural Fiber Broom Heads
Traditional corn bristle brooms feature thick, rigid fibers that move particles of all sizes. These brooms are stiff, providing the strength necessary for moving heavy debris. Corn brooms withstand use on rough surfaces but may scratch smooth woods. African bass bristles, which are vegetable fibers, provide durability that stands up to heavy use. The lightweight material lessens the weight of the brooms, reducing fatigue when using for long periods. Palmyra vegetable fiber brooms are medium stiff and durable, providing an option that sweeps streets, barns, garages and other rough areas without fraying or breaking. Tampico bristles have rough surfaces that trap small and large dirt particles, providing an option that works well for indoor and outdoor cleaning applications. Opposed to dustpans, brooms with horse hair bristles sweep fine particles and have a soft finish that doesn't scratch. The softness of horse hair promotes smooth surfaces when finishing poured concrete, without absorbing liquid or matting.

Choosing Synthetic Broom Heads
Push brooms with synthetic bristles provide cleaning options for both industrial and smooth, indoor surfaces. Nylon bristles are lightweight and durable and don't break down due to acid, solvent and alkali exposure. These bristles can't withstand exposure to mineral acids. Polypropylene brooms have stiff bristles that move large and small particles and resist loading and curling. The bristles are soft enough for use on hardwoods and other smooth surfaces without leaving marks or scratches. Broom heads with styrene and PVC bristles are heavier than polypropylene, but provide a lightweight, balanced option for extended use. Both fiber types withstand exposure to heat and have stiff bristles that flick heavy and thick materials easily.

Which Broom Heads Work for Wet Scrubbing?
Polypropylene and nylon bristles work well in wet conditions. The bristles dry quickly for increased protection against mold and handle oil-based solvents and most acids. African bass and palmyra natural bristles are water resistant and don't absorb large amounts of cleaning solutions. This results in a lighter weight when wet, providing less fatigue and strain during use. The rough bristles of tampico absorb water and cleaning solutions, making it an optimal choice for areas requiring surface finishing and scrubbing.

Are There Broom Heads for Use in Heat-Based Applications?
Nylon, PVC and styrene bristles withstand exposure to heat, without curling, melting or breaking. Nylon brooms provide increased heat resistance, providing an option for applications that require boiling to remove chemicals, acids and other solvents. Polypropylene bristles resist low levels of heat, while most natural fibers break down under high temperatures.

Are Replacement Broom Heads Universal?
Most broom heads have universal designs that work with aluminum, wood and fiberglass handles. Check with the manufacturer of screw-in handles and frames to determine the proper nut and thread size for a secure fit. Other heads fit specific handles and frames, providing optimal security for use in demanding applications.